Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Work Hard For Your Money (Donna Summer)

Scene opens. I am walking down the street. I see my friend Tommy. I have not seen Tommy for sometime. We make small talk and such. After all, it has been a while.

Just then a homeless, toothless man approaches.

Homeless Man: She is so pretty.

Me: Thank you

Homeless Man: You are one very lucky man, Sir.

Tommy and I exchange an ironic glance seeing that Tommy is gay.

Homeless Man: She is so pretty, that is she were a picture I would paint it.

Homeless Man takes my hand and kisses it. Ordinarily I would have been flattered but I have no idea where his mouth has been.

Tommy and I exchange a glance

Homeless Man: I haven't had anything to eat today. Could you spare some change? Any change? I am not buying drugs or anything.

Tommy: Here is fifty cents, it is all the change I have.

Me: Here is seventy five cents.

Homeless Man: Thank you! You are a lucky man to have such a beautiful angel.

Homeless man exits. Tommy and I laugh.

Me: Not buying drugs my ass. I have five dollars. I was not financing his crack habit.

Tommy: Yeah, he's going to buy crack. But he was working it. I will give him that.

Me: I was feeling ugly today. So now I have some self esteem.

Tommy: Well there you go.

End scene


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  1. Yeah it was awesome to have you as a part of this moment. Made me realize how much I miss you. We need to do another ride on the ferris wheel at Toys 'R' Us. What do you say?