Friday, March 22, 2013

Chat With An Old Friends

Last night in my yuck of self pity I went to the Duane Reade to get some supplies for my sickness. On the list were cough drops, bubble bath stuff, makeup to hide the dark circles under my eyes, oh and vitamins. Plus herbal tea for my throat. Between the singing and talking I do on the regular I need to heal my throat. I do everything you shouldn't do. My last few times behind the mic in the sound booth I have sounded like a fifty year old woman who smoked every damn day of her life.

As I was on my way I saw an old friend of mine. We ended up going to Starbucks and crashing. We kvetched about life. Me being sick, my grandmother's recent passing, and all that jazz. This particular friend got divorced again and his wives were demanding child support, and his first wife is a nag. But the cool part is that he just got in the paper for comedy. We talked about perhaps making videos together. We laughed about people we both knew and how nuts they were. One is a set of twins that is so insane they should win an award for that alone. One twin is famous, the other is less famous but takes credit for their success. It sounds like a movie. No, this is my life. As we were laughing I forgot I was sick. It was amazing. 

Actually we talked about possibly making videos together. Beyond amazing. 

Then when I finally got to Duane Reade I saw another old friend who was getting ready to do a presentation for his MBA class. We spoke for a few which was good and caught up. Then he gave me a Mother Theresa kiss. 

Bottom line, I am feeling better. Sometimes running into old friends puts a smile on your face and makes you to remember not to take life so seriously.

My grandmother always made friends everywhere she went and she was a spiritual woman who trusted God greatly. She always said God had a plan. And maybe whatever is up there, if it chooses to be called God, wanted me to get my ass out of the house.

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