Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lady No One

A special poem about how women will destroy themselves for men who don't want them and men who aren't worth it. xo

Hello Lady No One
Must be painful to be
No One
You change your identity for a man
Like you change your underwear
I hope you change your underwear
That is, if you can
If your man
Gives you permission

Well Lady No One
You were once a party girl
Spreading your legs for a lawyer now
Is he rocking your world?
Or are you disappointing him?
Is his name Jack or Jim?
Or is it whatever he tells you it is
Well whatever it is
Who are you in this mess?

Sure Lady No One
No one knows you are a fake
Every day you wake and bake
Once you faked a story about a shoplifting conviction
And then sex with numerous women
But now is that part of you gone?
As you are your lawyer's whore
And he calls you a whore
Everyone does Big Easy

Maybe Big Easy is your name
Because you are easily influenced
Because you are easy to pick at
Because you are easily mocked
By your lawyers friends
Who see his ex girlfriend making the name
Who see his ex girlfriend on the TV
And he says that is my ex on the TV
So is that why you hate me?

Well Lady No One
Or Big Easy
You assume my life has been easy
You assume that things are handed to me
And then just to be me
You do everything that I do
I guess I want to say what is best for me
Isnt always best for you
Oh no

Lady No One
Big Easy
Single White Female
These are names they call you behind your back
For the identity you lack
Or you so wish you had
Maybe you could be a good person someday
Someday, maybe you could be a person of your own
Just lady.....

Lady No One
Big Easy
Single White Female
Wandering, lost
Being an activist to please her man
Writing poetry to please her man
Being just like his ex on TV to please her man
Doing so much to please a worthless bedroom companion
Are you really that empty
Sadly, yes

Lady No One
Consumed by a man
Controls her every move
Is she like the ex that broke him yet?
Blonde hair that is not hers
The cat, the pet
To get the ring
There will be no such thing
For this live in concubine giving away her best years.

Lady No One
Cries in her room
Wearing someone else's perfume.
Spouting out someone else's ideas
Spouting out her man's affirmations
Once a party girl
Now a lawyers wife
Perhaps tomorrow an astronaut
Today she wallows her body to a man wishing he were with a love he lost.....

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