Saturday, March 23, 2013

Miss Julie

A poem I wrote a while ago about an August Strinberg character and a real life woman that reminded me of her. It is amazing how stupid women can be sometimes. And I have never been a fan of a stupid, weak willed woman.

Once a street girl

Now a debutante

Awkward in either dress

Trying to be nonchalant

When you can’t pull off either disguise


They laugh at you

Your stupidity

Trying to be a brain

Trying to write poetry

Like a high school girl-


So stupid and so asinine

About a boy

Why isn’t he mine

Why doesn’t he want me?

And then you wonder why you are empty.


You cannot hide your jealousy

Coming from the fact you are so ugly

Coming from the fact it’s the looks you lack

A personality changes for a man

But the mirror you crack


Seven years back luck

Or a lifetime of being you

Fake, phony, easy

However, never sleazy

Just like a train everyone takes a ride


So many jockeys

Oh Miss Equestrian

Over the years there have been a great many men

Riding the horizontal trail

Your happy trail


I heard the ride was cheap

I heard the thrill was hardly worth the price of admit

Most people probably quit

On you the second you open your mouth

With your borrowed rhetoric


What color is your hair today?

Despite being a lawyer’s bitch

You are still a cheap lay

Now you make the switch

Monogamous woman

A woman in a castle with a broken voice

Pretending to defend a woman’s choice

Faux activist your latest disguise

Oh so coy

Until you are seduced by the stable boy

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