Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ebbs and Flows

Lately I have been feeling like a stinking blob of shit. My grandmother passed this past Monday and I have been as sick as a dog. Not to mention working like hell all the time. I am not complaining about working. I am just tired as hell on top of being sick.

I am going through some career stuff right now. My audiobook is nearly finished. I am happy. I love my sound dudes but I am sure they will be happy to rid of me. But a Sunday without me in the studio is no Sunday at all. We all know that, LOL. But I have been running myself ragged and have been paying out of pocket for studio time. I will have lotsa more money. Now lets just hope the audiobook makes money.

After the experience from hell a few years ago and dealing with every failed actor turned agent or everyone who has fucked up at everything else in their life turned manager I was indie for quite a few years. I have appeared on TV more than many of my friends with representation. Not to mention I published a book. Oh and my book got on Britney Spears's website and was written up by Mensa. Their fancy managers never did anything like that for them. Oh and how many TV shows have my puppet babies been on?

After a heart to heart with a friend I have decided to start the quest again. My friend pointed out that while I am not supposed to send unsolicited most of the time I have been on TV enough that maybe I can. Well yesterday I saw he was kind of right. I called several places, one that said, "Don't leave." Their agents reviewed my stuff the same day and said while my TV creds were impressive I was not the right fit. They said the puppets werent a good fit for their department. What the fuck? I have been on TV more than probably half their fucking client list in the past Goddamn week. Still, they looked at my stuff. I was unsolicited which they technically don't do. Not to mention it wasn't personal. Plus I like one junior agent there who's a doll baby. And if I have more stuff without my puppets maybe approach them again. Still, it's farther than I have gotten in the past.

While some of this has made me want to stay indie, on the other hand this was a morale booster because now people will want to deal with me because of my TV time. Plus an agent and manager will be someone else in my corner. These days I have a lot of good people in my corner. Friends, family, and Bart Polin. I also get a lot of whackos wanting to do these bizarre projects with me because I have been on TV a bunch. They have these big plans and I am sick and tired of them wasting my Goddamn time. Plus with everyting that happened with the stalker fan I want someone else to buffer me from such crazies.

Not to mention people have been driving me apeshit with their free career advice. They tell me I should do VO. Do you know any VO agents? Then they say no. They tell me I should do commercials. Do you know any commercial people? Well yeah, but I screwed up our relationship and we are no longer on good terms. Then they tell me I should have a theatrical agent who can market me to kids shows. Do you know anyone? No, not really.

Want some of my advice? Shut the fuck up. Stop trying to tell me how to handle my career when you have none.

I filmed a TV pilot a few weeks ago. No word on what happened. I need to get more TV time soon or I will die. I need something to pop in my life, for serious. I keep reading my Tarot Deck and it is weird and so many damn love cards. I don't want love. I want career damn it. I want to see the pretty boy comedians who have their careers handed to them be crushed under the brutal heel of my stiletto. My big fear is what happened to me a few years ago, to get on TV a bunch and film a pilot only to have my momentum stop.

I work so hard. Oh well. No one fucking cares in this man's world as I am woman against the world.

Give me some good career news soon, PLEASE!

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  1. you should make a you tube kids show dude, my GF has two young boys and they would just be fancinated with the puppets

  2. I should. You are absolutely right about that. I have actually been thinking of that believe it or not