Monday, October 1, 2012

Aquarium n Rides

Yesterday morning my book drama climaxed when my mom and I had a chat. I told her I was sick of talking about my book and she said she was sick of hearing about it. That's when we both agreed it was time for me to take a ride to the aquarium with my friend Bob. Plus things had gotten a little intense with someone online, and I never thought it would go there but it had. That being said I needed some fresh air.It's not that it's a bad thing, it was just a surprise.

Bob came to my house and off we went. I said to Bob, "The sky is black. Its gonna rain." Bob informed me there was no forseeable rain in the forecast. Men are oblivious. Seconds later the sky opened. Perhaps it was a better day for the aquarium rather than Coney Island.

Off we went on the D train. When we got to the aquarium we walked in and saw loads of beautiful tropical fish. These fish were so pretty it was hard to describe. I kept taking photos and Bob asked me why I kept taking photos. There were loads of families with kids,and everyone was seemingly well behaved. Bob and I wondered, "Did fish have feelings? Did they know we were talking about them?" Cats and dogs have feelings.Ghosts might or might not watch TV. Fish we are unsure of.

As we went outside we saw the sea lions, Bob's defined cats of the sea.They were rolling over, being themselves in the water. The black footed penguins poised on their little cliffs. To me I question who could hate a penguin. They are cute, fun, and always dressed in a tuxedo. However, when we got to the penguin tank they werent in the mood to dive in. Maybe I didn't like them so much cause they were being lazy.

We saw the star fish. These strange creatures were stuck on the glass. It reminded me of my baby sister's speech when she was high school valedictorian. She told her school mates that they were the lucky star fish. The speech was well-written and well delivered. I was so proud of her that day. She had her white cap, white gown, and was poised for greatness. I however could not say the same for the sea horses. They, on the other hand, simple bobbled around with no purpose whatsoever. Apparently Chinese medicine uses them as a cure for some stuff. No doctor I have ever been to has ever told me to eat a sea horse. Perhaps my brother, sister,and the rest of Brown medical school better get with the program. One fat sea horse was on the bottom of the tank. We made fun of him likening him to a fatty we both knew. Then we realized it was preggers. Oops.

After that we were off to see the sharks. All the young boys were into the sharks. I have always said men think of three things:shark week, boobs, and the NFL. This proved to be no different. One of the sharks just had a peeved look on his face like if there were no glass between us he would had eaten either Bob or I. That made me remember Blake Mallen may have ordered a pink gorilla but we would never be compatible. Blake is partial to sharks being a man and all.

After the sharks we saw the jellyfish and rays. My father was stung by a ray and had to go to the hospital to have the stinger removed from his foot. My sister was stung by a jellyfish. My family does not have good luck with ocean wildlife.

In this area of the aqua a kid began to have a meltdown. This kid was carrying on and his parents just let him. Bob remarked if that would have been his dad he would have been half way around the world. I would have gotten the smack in the head too. Kids these days have no idea of how to behave it seems, and parents no idea of how to parent. It was clear this kid was used to getting what he wanted when he did that. My dad would have said, "Crying? Sad? I'll give you something to cry about." That would have been the end.

After a bit it was Coney Time. On our way to Luna Park we were greeted by a sun shower. When we got to Luna Park we went on a coaster that spun and went fast,making our heart race. Bob moved a lil slower because of a leg injury. Then we went on the swings. Swings were Bob's idea. While they spun going high and getting slightly scary, it was a nice view of Coney. It was beautiful and freeing. After getting off the swings I was dizzy.

From there we rode this frog ride where it was more kids than us, but it was fun. Then there was the coaster that kept going that Bob and I nicknamed the ride from hell. After that we went on something that bounced and spun but the music was broken. Then there was the hang glider ride where this kid kept yelling, "Make it stop! I don't like this!!!!" Bob and I both joked we wanted to tell her, "Welcome to life."

After the ride was done the kid said, "Why is it over?" Welcome to a relationship. Welcome to the world.

We were aquariumed and Coneyed out. We were on our way to Grimaldi's when we saw a rainbow. PErfect end to a perfect day. Of course we ordered pizza with anchovies. I believe if my relationships didn't end in disaster and he wasn't so neurotic, Bob would be my soul mate. No one else like's anchovies on their pizza but the two of us and my Pops.

A rainbow denotes that despite the storm good things are coming. I feel the same way about my book and career.With that time to talk about my royalty check, my book on Amazon,and my ebook.

Love April

I Came, I Saw, I Sang: Memoirs of a Singing Telegram Delivery Girl


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