Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Family Support

Last night I was on CFR and Sean Morton drove me to and from the train station. During our trip back we talked about comedy and the subject of bitter comedians came up. We both stated that we were thankful we were generally optimistic, hardworking people and had a support system to fall back on. For Sean it is his wife. I have only met her once but remember liking her a lot. Sean stated that his wife was awesomely supportive, coming to every single one of his shows openly supporting his quest for a comedy career. He said, "My wife is great."

I was like wow, does she come in a boy version, seriously?

But then I thought of my family and how awesomely supportive they are. My mother has been my biggest fan since day one. Almost ten years ago to the day, I was getting ready for my first round of college auditions here in the city. I didnt want to try for NYU but my mother made me. We went, we prepped, we curled my hair, and we went in. Two weeks later I came home from school and on my front lawn was a congrats sign made by my mother. Before that she was always there when I was doing cable access, as either a secret director or making sure the crew was fed during my long, arduous shoots. When I started doing comedy here in the city, my mom had me mail her the venues I played at and printed out the webpages of the places and made a scrapbook. She has come to see me several times in the city to perform and has always been a show in herself taking photos of me and my friends. Whenever I am down my mother says, "What have you done for your career?" And then she has been so incredible with my book. She took it to our local library, the one I got my first library card in, and they now have a barcode on it. My mom is one of those folks in my life that whatever she asks for she gets, end of story. Iam grateful for her.

Of course there is my baby sister who since day one has either acted as my graphic artist or camera person behind the scenes. When her ex-boyfriend lived here in the city, they used to pop into my shows as a surprise. She even did some of the leg work in the early stages of my book publication for me. They are currently assembling funding, but I will soon be a part of an instruction video with my puppets for medical school students sponsored by Brown University Alpert Medical School. This is a gig my baby sis scored for me.

Of course there is my dad, who has also been there since day one. He is the man I go to for honest feedback. Believe it or not, my Pops is actually an amateur joke writer. While he may put on the suit and tie as a tax lawyer and college professor, he spends his spare time writing jokes. Since my advent into show business, my dad's love of telling jokes has only gotten stronger. He is always calling me with new ideas for jokes and bits. Some are actually half decent, others like all ideas need work. Aside from that, my dad always taught us to work hard. While he was a tougher sell on the pipe dream, I have earned his support and respect because I am driven and refuse to give up. My dad also told me when I scored my first big gig in NYC that, "When you are there, be nice and listen. Be nice to everyone you meet. Afterwards send a thank you note. If you do they will hire you back again. I am telling you as someone from the business world, no one likes an asshole." And they did rehire me. My Pops has good advice. Who knows, when he retires maybe he will be my opening act. One of my comedian friends said I must stop this now. But my Pops calls Romney a poser on the regular. Maybe this could work.

Then there is my brother and sister in law who watch all my shows. They both are currently working in a hospital so they cant travel as much. But during one comedy festival in PA my brother's brother in law Alfred was informed I was in the area. He was working in a hospital at the time and we didnt hear so it was like, whatever, he's busy. But when me and Paul Hooper, another comedian and funny guy were greeting audience I hear an "APRIL!" I turn around and it is Alfred. He picked me up, gave me a big hug, told me he enjoyed my set and off to the afterparty we went. Best surprise ever. On that vein my sister in law's bestie Kristen follows me too. She posts of my wall everytime she catches me on TV or something. It has been cool.

Then there is my cousin who is a painter in Brooklyn who occasionally pops into my shows with his artist friends and then even gets me gigs sometimes too by word of mouth. Next to him are his sisters, both dancers who's friends follow my exploits.

Then there are my grandparents, supportive as ever. My grandfather just had eye surgery and stayed up all night to finish my book. My grandmother is currently on page ten, but she is reading me in between reruns of Murder She Wrote.. My godmother I believe is also starting on it as well.

My aunts and uncles are cool too. My Aunt Chris and Uncle Bob brought my cousins Bobby and Kelsey to NYC and they popped into one of my shows. The clan also came enmasse to see me in Pittsburgh. My Aunt Rose purchased and read my book in a single night. My Aunt Diane, God bless her, purchased copies of my book for her and her kids. She also reads my blog on the reg, shout out to Bulger. My Uncle Joe and the fam came to visit me earlier this year in NYC with my three baby cousins who are oh so adorable. And then I get my baby cousins in Peters who when I was on the Britney Spears website told everyone that their cousin was famous.

Sure, they might drive me nuts and their logic might confound me. Sometimes, our political beliefs differ. However, at the end of the day I would have to say I really lucked out. I can't get much better than what I have. Wait a second, I wouldn't want anthing different than what I have. I can't get any better than what I have. Even when they are crazies they are my crazies, make fun of them and I will give you the People's Elbow. Yes, me. In the words of Joe Greene,"The four foot two inch white chick."

Make that five four.

Whatever, I am just trying to say I am grateful xo

Love, April

I Came, I Saw, I Sang: Memoirs of a Singing Telegram Delivery Girl


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