Monday, October 8, 2012

Does Stage Time Really Matter

Since my book and everything, I really havent been getting onstage. Plus since a bunch of things happened that I wont go into because I am sick of writing about them and everyone is sick of hearing about them,my club dates have been cut in half. Okay, whatever. But since my book people want me onstage and stuff.

Since everything with the TV show I did some open mics, but for the most part found I was no longer welcome in my own community. When you are a dumb woman with no ambition thats content to go no where it seems the comedy world in NYC wants to make sweet love to you. But when you get ambition and want to do things, they view you as a traitor. It's almost like how dare ye have goals. Seriously. So when this all went down the mics werent as safe for me. I was dealing with people who gave me the silent treatment onstage not so much as feedback but because they were pissed with what I was supposedly doing. Then there were the people who werent so silent about what I was doing and gave me shit to my face. A few people tried to fight with me. One was even posting about my open mic sets on a well trafficked gossip site. Essentially I couldn't get honest feedback and wasn't safe. Plus I was wasting my money.

On the flipside, my live show were awesome. Probably because I viewed getting onstage as a treat rather than the chore it had become in the hellish post I held as open mic host, the countless terrible check spots and other things I did, and the road gigs for the red necked bikers where despite getting dough I always burned it on travel. Plus because my puppet children and I were on the tele everyone wanted photos. So stage time became more about the excuse to see my fans rather than to be funny.

In a way it's terrible but it is what it is.

Here's the thing, I am in between a rock and a hard place. Since I want to start doing spots again I dont know whether or not to even bother with the mics.I have a list of impressive TV credits and have been around. I know what to do onstage. Plus at an open mic you seem to regress and get nothing done most of the time. And you have to pay for stage time.

On the otherhand I am not getting up as much and in some ways I feel rusty. I feel out of place and it makes me sad. Plus getting onstage even if it is a mic keeps me out of trouble. It keeps that devilish sense of humor in check, it keeps my head on my shoulders, and keeps me humble. Plus it's a chance to run through old stuff and get new stuff on it's feet.

Still I have been onstage more lately than I have in some time and seem to be getting nothing done. In my experience too, I have seen peeps bust their ass to get onstage but they still don't have it.

Then peeps who really dont but constantly kill.

So does stage time matter? Should I get up and run through my stuff or practice my tried and true fifteen in my room.Hmmm LOVe, April

I Came,I Saw,I Sang: Memoirs of a Singing Telegram Delivery Girl


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