Saturday, October 6, 2012

A New York Moment

The year was 2009 and I was down and out on my luck. Money was tight and it seemed the harder I worked the more I sort of ran in place on the depressing treadmill known as my life. Everything was a struggle. Since the recession hit, while the telegrams still came in it was a little less often sometimes. So I had taken a job giving samples out on the street. I was working long hours there and in between that and the telegrams I was always beat and had no money.On top of that I was out performing every night and during a long stretch seemed to get stuck with bum spots. I had submitted to a national contest and was a runner up. It looked like I was going to win, getting prize money. Instead I came in third and that didnt cure my malaise. While money isn't everything,a grand would have helped.

Anyway, the Yankees were in the World Series. I could have cared less. My life sucked and they just threw balls in the air. One evening, I was coming home from the comedy club. The night had gone okay but I was drained. Walking home, I felt my legs give out and began to feel dizzy. Just then I came across Times Square. There were a bunch of people gathered watching something on a huge TV. What was going on?

I came closer to the group and asked a guy. He said, "The Yankees are playing the World Series and we are watching." I nodded. Okay. Suddenly I found myself with this group of strangers watching the game. I had never been a big baseball person, but this was a New York City team.A second later,a woman had a big bag of popcorn and offered me some. I took a handfull and immediately the aches and pains in my body became an afterthought. The Yankees were in a race for the Pennant. I had a team to root for. When they hit a home run I cheered loudly with this crowd of strangers, and when they struck out I mourned with them. The game was a tight one but I didnt care, if anything it left me more intrigued.

I stayed for almost three hours. My malaise of not getting what I wanted melted away. I was smiling. The funny thing is, the city of New York has a way of becoming the loneliest place in the world when you are down in the dumps. However,the Big Apple also has a way of throwing you a bone. It has a way of letting you know that things are going to be alright.

For the rest of the series I followed the Yankees, watching the game whenever and wherever I could. I made new friends amongst the male comedians I performed with because they too were following the games. And when they won the Series,there was happiness and I even got hugged by a few burly drunken men. It wasn't creepy. Our team had won.

As 2009 ended, I began to feel better about things. Sure, maybe I didnt always get things my way, but the Yankees won the World Series. My team had won. Our team had won. Life was going to get better. Oh and yes it did.

Love April

I Came,I Saw,I Sang: Memoirs of a Singing Telegram Delivery Girl


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