Thursday, October 11, 2012

Close Call

Yesterday I had a very close call with a fan who was very unbalanced. It all started a month and a half ago when he brought my book. I offered him a "dream date" as in coffee and for me to sign his book in person. I made it clear what it would be, just coffee and a book signing. However, he began to press me because he didnt want a dream date. He wanted a relationship and he wanted to get to know the real April Brucker. The whole thing frankly creeped me out. This was moving too fast for me.
Apparently he had followed my career from the beginning when I used to either kill or bomb at the Village Lantern. I had never really met him, but he knew a lot about me. Plus he had been making some weird webseries about serial killers. Although he was an artist we werent nearly on the same level. He had approached me like a fan so I treated him like a fan. While I become friendly with many of my fans, perhaps the boundaries were blurred on my part.
Right before my book was released we met once. I was doing a show he produced. Hours before his show I was delivering a singing chicken in Lyndhurst. Who happens to be driving by but my fan boy. At the time I was dealing with another stalker, a fan who was calling me, blocking my number, and pretending to be different people. This fan had never met me in person but had obtained my number off of the internet. The harassment got so intense that I eventually went to the police. Anyway, as I am walking I hear my name called and someone who identifies himself as this particular fan boy offers me a ride to wherever I have to go. I jumped in, we laughed, and he jokingly asked why I wouldnt date him. I was like whatever, he is just being silly. We laughed about how silly the whole thing was and apparently he lived in the town. I did his show later that night too, which was an ill-planned trainwreck. Nonetheless, it was stage time. Plus when a fan books me I always go. I am all Bruce Campbell like that.
Then he brought my book and I promised him coffee and a personal book signing. Well I was going through the ordeal with the stalker, the phone company, and the police for a while. Plus my work schedule was becoming intense. This idiot starts sending me texts suddenly taking my promise out of context and telling me he wants a relationship. I told him that wasnt in the cards but he wouldnt stop. He kept saying he was going to marry me and take care of me and I am like this is moving WAAAAAYYYYYY TOOOOOO FAAAAASSSSSTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While I have fans who have met me and some say they are going to marry me, they are not this intense and frightening. I tried to let the guy down easy. Apparently there was a miscommunication. I didnt mean to be a lying shrew, but I may have accidentally been. I told him the truth. I had been busy and was dealing with a stalker who was harassing me. He said, "Enough about the stalker.Lets talk about me." I informed him that he was pushing me and I didnt like that. Then he told me he loved me and I was like woah!!! Then he started unloading about how he hated his job.
Just to be nice I scheduled the signing and coffee for the following Friday. The day came and I texted him to see if we were still on. Nothing. He lost interest and found a new obsession. I was like whatever.
Then he started sending me facebook message after facebook message telling me I broke my promise and never gave him the date. I ignored him for about a week until finally I answered him. I told him he stood me up and to please get the facts straight. He started making excuses and then said he wouldnt stand me up and wanted to get to know the real me. I told him he had his shot and it was over. Then the dialogue went as follows:
Nut Job:that's it. I'm throwing away this book.
Me: You stood me up, just remember that.
Nut Job: I did not. I could not go. I am pissed.
Me: You did not tell me that you could not go.
Nut Job: That's it. I want my date or I am burning this book. GRRRRR!!!!
Me: Ok Totally not playing into his manipulation
Nut Job: God I am totally crazy
Me: Yes you are
Nut Job: I am not even trying to sleep with you. I just want to get to know you. I heard you were crazy but I think I am even crazier.
Me: Whatever
Nut Job: Date this Friday.
Me: No, I am busy. It is true. My work schedule is full.
Nut Job: I finally quit my job. I fucking hated it. We can just chill. Wow, so you were looking for a meal ticket and now you might be securing one. The plot thickens.
Me: Why are you telling me this. I dont care.
Nut Job: I am saying I can hang out anytime.
Me: Well I can't. Congrats on not having a life by the way.
Nut Job: I do have a life. I am raising money for my theatre company.
Me: You stood me up. I dont give second chances to people who stand me up.
Nut Job: Are you mad at me? Are we fighting?
Me: I dont care enough to be mad or to fight.
Nut Job:It wasnt clearly definite and I won't stand you up this time.
Me: I dont have time for you right now. I have a full work schedule and I might nor might not be dealing with a stalker.
Nut Job: Can I have my money back then?
Me: No, you can't have your money back. You stood me up.
Nut Job: You never liked me. How could you do this to a person with low self-esteem trying to assert themselves? I feel like this was all a set up.
Me: Please get professional help.
Nut Job: I do get professional help.
Me: Well you need more of it. Dont get the stage persona mixed up with who I am in real life.
Nut Job: I know who you are. You're a sweet girl. I see the stage persona v the real you. Meanwhile you started sending me weird messages long before we ever spoke in person because you were such a fan.
Me: No, you are just a fan falling in love with someone who exists in your mind.
Nut Job: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Yes
Me: That doesnt mean you know me.
Nut Job: I dont see you as a performer or as a fan. I am a producer/actor. I see you as a colleague. But you identified yourself as a fan when you began writing me. And I have seen your work and know your friends. While they admire me a great deal too, much like you they are hardly on my level.
Me: You are still a fan boy
Nut Job: Nope
Me: Even if you are a colleague as you say I still don't know you. Just trying to calm him down. He could have a weapon.
Nut Job: I just wanted to hang out and you disappointed.I am not a fan.
Me: No, you stood me up.
Nut Job: I think you are treating me as a fan. Hell I dont even remember what happened that day. I think I texted you. I only bought your book so I could be a supportive artist.
Me: No you didnt text me. But if you bought my book just to be a supportive artist thank you.
Nut Job: I do want to get to know you. You performed at my comedy show.
Me: I perform at a lot of comedy shows.
Nut Job: I see you as a colleague. I really want to get to know you. I asked friend how you are as a person. First off,you are hardly a colleague. You operate a theatre company where maybe three people attend your shows.Second, I dont care.
Me: Your first sentence wasnt even coherent. And if I blurred boundaries I am sorry.
Nut Job: I asked a friend how you are as a person.Yes.
Me: Fine
Nut Job: I asked other comedians how you are as a person because I am intimidated by your good looks and charm. Can we start to know each other now.
Me: I think I know enough already.
Nut Job: So you dont want to know more. I think you are blurring your stage persona with the real you. I know I am sane because I am crazy.
Me: Please talk to your therapist.
Nut Job: LOL You're not getting it I'm done.
Me: No, you're not getting it.
Nut Job: Good luck
Me: Hitting block button.
Oh well, I hope he gets some help. I never lied to him. And for the record he is not a colleague. He sort of not really has a theatre company. And I posted I was going to be in Lyndhurst when he just popped up. I have a feeling he may have been the fan calling me and harasing me.I dont have proof but I wouldnt be surprised. WOW.
Love April
I Came, I Saw, I Sang: Memoirs of a Singing Telegram Delivery Girl

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