Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Kids Aren't Alright (The Offspring)

A few kids I graduated with seem to be having trouble-lots of trouble-with the law. As in they just keep on breaking it. I should be the last one admonishing anyone for breaking a law or two or three. After all, a year ago a man on the run stole my heart. Still, we all live and learn the hard way.

About a year ago, I found out the kid I sat next to in seventh grade reading is on a registered sex offender in my state. The charge, possession of kiddie porn. I remember him being such a sweet kid. He was my activity partner, occasionally we made fun of this goody goody in our reading class together. Later he took a job at the high school but kind of fell off my radar, that is, until then. I remember it was such a gross out that I posted about it on facebook. Everyone wanted to know who was the classmate collecting kiddie porn. My aunt's niece (aunt through marriage) said not only did he collect kiddie porn, but he lived a few blocks from her kid's school with his parents. Eek me the hell out. What happened to this dude? He was nice. He was normal. Apparently a  nice, normal, pedophile.

But he wasn't as bad as the other guy believe it or not. This dude was a year or two ahead of my brother and kind of odd. A lot of people just avoided him. I was an outcast so I never really looked down upon him. When I was eighteen, he sold me my winter coat before moving to NYC and said, "Are you going to become an actress? You are so perfect." Well we turn on the evening news and a  story breaks about a man who tried to get sex from a one year old child being pimped out by it's mother. They named the suspect and then they showed him. I said, "HOLY SHIT! THAT'S THE MAN THAT SOLD ME MY COAT!" We were all shocked. Then it got worse. They were going to bail him out but during a search the cops discovered a diary where he described the girls in the neighborhood-all under ten- and listed them with plans to molest them. Usually I am not for excluding people-especially knowing kids can be mean-but maybe the majority knew something in this case. Either way, they had to keep him in jail because the parents in the neighborhood formed a lynch mob and had plans to kill him. I think in a case like this they should have just been allowed. Pedophiles can't be helped. Why waste my tax money to cloth them and feed hem in jail?

But that's not the craziest one. I went to wish a former classmate of mine happy birthday and found out that people were saying that they missed him. Where was he? Answer, jail. Yes, jail. Apparently he didnt just go to jail but had made a Most Wanted List in Pittsburgh. While the bugh is not as big as the apple, if you make that list you did something bad. Turns out he committed a series of armed robberies. In a way this was no surprise. He had a rough home life with a dad who quit alcohol, became a complete Holy Roller, and was tough to tolerate, and a mom who slept with anything that walked and had several different children, all who looked like a UN add. In eighth grade, he had gotten into some trouble and ran away from home. While the world seemed big and bad, perhaps he had been through more than any of us ever would. They caught him, he went to Juvie, and sort of fell off my radar. Still, this is very sad. I remember him being more class clown and less asshole than most people. Plus a lot of folks in his group would lay into me from time to time, but he never did. Actually on two occasions, he told them to back off. Once, I was upset because I was late for class and thought I would get in trouble and he made up a story so believable we both got off. I stopped running and stopped lying, he is still running and lying.

His poor girlfriend leaves him notes on his facebook page professing her love and undying codependence. I just want to tell her, stop with the pathetic stuff, he will never stop breaking the law. Take it from a woman who dated a fugitive at one point. Take it from a woman who knows how they can't change and can still break your heart. Take it from someone who still misses him from time to time. But then I would encourage her. I would give her a hug.

And this is what I would say:

"Look on the bright side, at least he isn't touching kids."

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