Sunday, December 30, 2012

Flipped Out Exchange of the Day

I usually get fan mail from the following people.

1. Fans.

2. Former classmates, high school and college complimenting me on my success.

3. Other comedians/artists in other places who like me, want to reach out, and make friends.

Usually the exchanges are very nice and follow a certain pattern. This piece of fan mail was from a former classmate of mine that I went to middle school with. This fan letter came into my box and is quite memorable. So memorable that I still don't know how to respond.

I went to school with you. I also saw u on my strange addiction. You're puppets are creep out, but strangely turn on at the same time. But your show on bptv was lame as he'll, and you wore to muchlipstick .why puppets , I can understand alcohol, or dope, or anything else. Bot why puppets

You look like Marilyn Monroe . But not as beautiful, but who is as beautiful as her. Take it as a the way my last name is Jones

How do I respond to this? Do I go through and correct his grammar and then thank him for the backhanded compliments?

On second thought, I think I will just ignore him.

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1 comment:

  1. sad that he graduated knowing little about grammar or even how to use a spell checker!
    at least he did not threaten you though.