Sunday, December 16, 2012

How I Got to Do Gangnam Style on Korean TV

Last week I was feeling tired. Heisman Weekend was coming up. My family was coming to town. Not to mention I had been so busy promoting my book that every lightbulb but one burnt out in my apartment. Anyway, I had to pay my rent and go to the bank and then deliver a telegram. So as I am walking in Times Square I see this Asian Dude jumping around. People are surrounding him and taking photos. There are cameras and people seem to be cheering him on. I am like, wowsa.

I asked some girl with her cellphone camera up what was going on. She said, "He's one of the guy's from the Gangnam Style video." Part of me thought, oh boy, the Macarena of this generation. I had been cursed with the dance at many a Teen Center. The other half of me thought that this was pretty cool. In all my times at the Teen Center where the sixth grader in me longed to be the cool eighth grader never in my ever so-called life did I think I would be this close to the new dance craze.

"Which one?" I asked. Then it popped into my head, he was the guy from the elevator!

Just then with a gazillion watts of energy this man asked, "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!!!!" Part of me wanted to tell him that he was a Korean man with way too much energy. We never have that much energy in the white world. The other part knew the answer.

"You were the guy in the elevator!" I blurted out.

"YES, SHE KNOWS WHO I AM!!!" He screamed with joy. With that, both of us started doing the Gangnam Style dance for Korean TV. I had my coffee in hand and began to sing the lyrics with him. "Hey, sexy lady.....Upa Gangnam Style!" And as did the dance the worries off of me. Rent was paid and for as much as I worried about my family visit they would have a good time.

After a few minutes I was on my way. The family visit went well and Heisman's went off without a hitch.

Fast forward nearly a week later. I am having issues with a project I did and someone working with me-long story. It has been stressing on my mind. My recent promotion at work means I get all the complicated, high profile clients that expect good things and am also doing phones-work. I need a new puppet, May Wilson has seen better days. Then I sent my book as a Christmas present to a friend and it seemed I was at the mercy of stupid people at the Post Office. Not to mention my boss sent me to do a pink gorilla on Staten Island. It went well but was quite a trekk and some Eastern Euro trash was squawking at top volume on the phone and let me tell you I said the Serenity PRayer cause she was squawking for forty minutes on the phone without stopping and I wanted to deck her-but she was't worth the felony charge.

Last night, as I readied my bubble bath and finished a musical I am writing my baby cousin messages me. She is currently dating a Korean guy who I met at Thanksgiving and that I like quite a bit. Anyway, she PM's me and says her boyfriend was watching Korean TV (he still has a lot of family over there) and he saw me doing Gangnam Style. I was like WTF!!!!! THIS IS MCAWESOME!!!!!!

Anyway, I am here doing Gangnam Style at 18:30, take a gander

And then my mom messaged me to tell me that the thing got 90,000 hits. WOWSA!!!! Upa Gangnam Style. So when I look in the mirror at myself I will say, "Hey, sexy lady!!!"

So as I end this year and start the new one afresh, I feel like a new woman; a New York Barbie if you will.

My neighbor who was out of work approached me a few months ago in the dumps. I gave him a pep talk. Recently he found a job and dropped me a Christmas card as a thank you. I didn't think my pep talk helped as much as it did. But this is a great way to start the season of giving.

I also blocked two women on my facebook page from my early days in the city who basically stalk me online and talk trash. They can talk trash as much as they want, but it doesn't mean I need them both as facebook friends. I need the room on my page for real friends and most of all die hard April Brucker fans.

And if anyone asks, I will be doing Gangnam Style with the high energy Korean man in Times Square. Perhaps Psy can join us if he isn't too busy teaching the dance to some American model. And I hope he brings Madonna. I made her song a number one on the internet for five weeks this year. I think it's time we met face to face.

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