Monday, December 10, 2012

Facebook Defriending, Twitter Defollowing and Other Random Shiteousness

Okay, here goes. Last night I was coming home and my boy David Otto sends me a friend request. Thought we were already friends. Then Libby Jay sends me a message that David and I somehow got disfriended and to friend him again. What the hell happened? We were friends. I never disfriend anyone. I let them do the dirty work. Screw that like a screw driver screws a freaking wall. For McSerious.

Sometimes facebook and twitter disfriends or defollows people at the McRandom. Okay, whatevski. It has happened before. We laugh about it. It's weird. It happened with me and my friend Joey a while back. We are friends again.

But what I don't understand is when people disfriend or defollow on purpose. One headliner I worked with in PA and I hit it off one weekend. We were friends and continued to connect on facebook until I posted some political things. For those that know me I tend to be a tad more liberal. Anyway, it was a joke about how the right wing pushes women to choose life and be on welfare but bitches about these women getting welfare. McMess logs on and in a six paragraph reply tells me that it isn't funny and that I should see a video of an abortion sometime. Well needless to say, I tried to smooth things over- we were friends, right? But he keeps on keeping on until one day he just disfriends me? WTF?!?!!? Dude, it is just facebook. You are taking this too personally.

Another time I posted some other joke about the right to choose and this chick who I knew but was never really all that nice to me decides to weigh in. She was a big old slut with a rich daddy that had a baby in high school. Well Mom took care of the kid so she could have a normal life. So she starts telling me about how I have no idea what it is like to choose and blah blah blah and tells me that she can no longer read my updates. Meanwhile her dad was going to kill baby daddy and I vouched for the douche. You would have thought she would have been a little more thankful. Well the Bristol Palin prodigy goes on twitter in a Republican laced, homophobic rant. That is, after she makes a video where it is a horror movie/softcore porn. Then she claims family values. More like the Carrie Prejean School of Family Values where being a "Christian" excuses any and all shiteous conduct. Maybe it's better we are not friends on facebook and were never friends in real life.

Then there was the popular cheerleader from my high school who was all rah rah when I did anything exciting with my career. Then one day I saw she just disfriended me. I was like, what did I do to her? We were friendly for the latter part of high school and then again in adulthood. My mom always called this chick a skank and claimed she slutted around. I told my mother she was crazy. My mom always claimed this girl was jealous of me. I told her she was crazy. Maybe my mom was right.

I dunno, I just think disfriending and defollowing is a lame high school girl trick. Fight it out like real men online.

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