Sunday, May 12, 2013

Woman on the Brink

Just a poem.....

Here I am
Alone in my room
They say I should feel the
Walls closing in, doom
Cause there is no man in my bed

I opted for the career instead
Didn’t you hear them?
Yell and cheer as I took the stage
And was the rage to an audience that adored
Now I am alone again

I have my coffee cup in my hand
Mordechai the Magic Mouse runs by
I can’t catch him if I try
So what his shit has dander?
He’s the man of the house (although a mouse).

There is no baby in my house
No life in my womb
I am as barren as the fields after a drought
So here I am I shout, “Attention world,
I flunked the test of life according to some assholes!”

There is no husband in my bed
No man to screw with my head
Telling me all the things I want to hear
Instead of the fact he is fucking around
With his boys on poker night

It is okay, it is alright
Girlfriends come and go
The Bible should say so
That women will sacrifice their girlfriends
Like errant sheep, blood and guts, for a man

The Bible should say in fine print
That women will stab you in the back
When it comes to a man and throw away her dreams
And I will be Goddamned if that is me
Throwing my dreams away

Words are my napalm
The thing to relieve the pain
Of shallow standards that
Erode my psyche like acid rain
Smart and beautiful, you can’t be both, right?

There was a man who came one fall day
Tried to take what I loved away
Made me choose
As he sucked down his booze and
Used me as his punching bag

I am not a rag to wipe up spit
I am not a shrink to take your shit
I am an independent woman
I am rolling with the  best of them
I am taking my hits standing like all the men

Sometimes I yell and scream
Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I speak too soon
But I stand my ground
And will never let anyone take me down

(Okay, I sound almost like I am holding it together)

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