Friday, May 10, 2013

A Picture Blog

One of the best people I ever delivered to. Read about it on page 263 of my book
Spring time in New York means tulips and creative cat calls creepy men

Getting ready to do a hair modelling job. More pics to come. 
With Libby Segal of Hobby Hoarder. She made
This chick got in trouble for putting a picture of her and her baby in the school year book. She is kind of chunky and would have gone dateless at my school. Standards must be lower in her area
Did the first internet campaign for this product. No one knows or cares but it is just a fun fact about April Brucker and her puppet children
Just a random plastic sword on the ground. I feel like this belongs to some man who's girlfriend is named Palmela. By the power of Gray Skull....
I look like Deborah Harry in this photo. I met her one Sunday in the studio. Actually, she still looks better than me. But the whole thing was still a McAwesome girl hood dream. 
I was just on the computer and look what popped up. A Barnes and Noble advert for my Nook Book. What do you know, on the bottom of my pop up was a comic science book my brother and sister wrote that is also a part of the collection. The three of us are doing a signing at Brown University on May 25. A semi-starlette and two mad scientists together for this one time occasion. I can dig it. xo

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