Friday, May 3, 2013

Comedian of the Week: Jessica Stern

This young lady is one I connected with last year at the funeral of Ray Peyton-our dead, black, mutual friend who liked to hit on anything with a pulse (he ain't doing that anymore). And we bonded over the fact that he hit on the both of us. Now we connected again and we are becoming thick and thieves. Oh and did I mention she is mad funny? Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Comedian of the Week: Jessica Stern

1. How long have you been doing comedy?
About 2 and a half years now.

2. What made you start doing comedy?
Losing my paralegal job! I had just ended a relationship of 4 years, got laid off at work and lost my apartment all at the same damn time!!! (2 chains voice), lmao so in that moment there was nowhere to go but up, I thought it’s time to be happy and pursue my true passion, stand up comedy! Growing up everybody always told me how funny and crazy I am and that I should be a comedian so I took a class and started getting out there and doing shows! My first time on stage was such a rush, like a comedy orgasm! It just felt right so I’ve been non-stop ever since! Call me corny but I know I was put on earth to make people happy and laughter is the best gift you can give to anyone! Instant happiness! 

3. What has been your worst performing experience?
Hmmm….I’ve never bombed I always get laughs but there’s definitely some tough crowds out there! One time recently I had a tough audience that was talking too much, lol you’re really not supposed to talk, just listen and laugh, and a fight almost broke out because the audience members that were listening and into my show were shushing and yelling at the other audience members who were talking to shut up so they could hear me better! It was crazy! 

4. What has been your best performing experience?
I recently got to open for Luenell and that was a great honor! I’ve gotten to meet and work with a few stars and a lot of truly talented comics but in general my best performing nights are when ‘I kill’ when I get everybody doubled over laughing and rocking out with me, one night I had an audience member get so into one of my jokes she stood up and walked onto the stage to high five me saying “That’s right girl!”, I LOVE THOSE NIGHTS! And after parties of course, I’m always down to celebrate a great performance! XD 

5. If you could open for anyone who would it be?
Richard Pryor of course but he’s passed on. So alive my dream would be to open for Dave Chapelle or Kathy Griffin!

6. What is your astrological sign?
Gemini! Gemini’s are the best entertainers! 

7. What do you eat for breakfast?
Crack, rainbows and black dick are how I start my day every day!!! Lmao, Nah I play too much! My breakfast for real is coffee and strawberries.

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