Thursday, May 2, 2013


One of Sylvia Plath's first poems was something called Mad Girl's Love Song. Anyway, I love the poem and it is probably her best before she had a nervous breakdown and really got good. Poor thing got screwed because of the era, and had writing abilities that were superior to that of her lying, cheating husband Ted Hughes.

Anyway, here is my modern answer to the poem. 

Lucid embers burn and flick a flame
I forget all things,
Including my name. 
When you enter the room,
With your step, and stride.

We are miles apart.
As you gaze away,
But you own my heart,
I don’t know what to say. 
Can’t even speak-

Glued shut is my mouth. 
And when it opens words sputter about-
I turn inside out-
To impress you-
As in my mind I undress you-

Do you undress me in your mind?
Oh I am naked beneath my clothes-
Heaven knows I wore the wrong underwear. 
Heaven knows I feel like hell. 
As you stare me down like a predator. 

I am the prey-
Running away-
Running no where at all-
Feeling three feet tall-
As I disappear-
Leaving myself somewhere. 

Chucked like Stone Aged logic,
Wait there is no logic in this narrative!
As I say something so glib
Scaring you forever. 
Can’t tell you how I feel?

No never!
As I dream of you in moon lit dreams,
Making up our mesmerizing schemes,
I shut my eyes,
And the world drops dead.....

Like Sylvia I made you up inside my head…..

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