Friday, April 4, 2014

The Passing Storm

This past week has been hellacious to say the least. Between money troubles, career uncertainty, shitty people harassing me and other shit I have to deal with, it has been a struggle. I would jump out the window but I might live. I would jump in front of a train but the thing might be local. I would stick my head in an oven but my oven is electric. You get the picture. In the words of Dorothy Parker, "You might as well live."

The cherry on top of the cake was a career disappointment. I wanted and needed this opportunity very badly. Fame has not alluded me. Money however has. This would have given me both. Despite my status as a reality star, I am broke. When my show was sold, I didn't get a dime. Actually, my show was sold many times. I am grateful for the exposure, the fans, and the people I have met. I am grateful fans know me on the street. I am grateful when someone tells me how they love my puppets. 

I am hardly being greedy. Someone who bought my show owns an island, I don't own a bed and cannot afford a TV to watch myself. This opportunity would have brought me to the next level and would have given me some financial security. What infuriates me is that I came so close. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride. 

There is nothing worse than having someone tell you how funny you were on television, and then having your rent check bounce. Or reading your fan mail and then wondering how to feed yourself. Or seeing a booker or show producer who fired you because they were jealous that they were never going to get your level of exposure using your picture to promote their shit. Let's not forget it being hard to find a more lucrative day job because employers have either seen you on TV or know you are going to leave, or customers recognize you and you become a distraction. And then it's, "Sorry, you're fired."

There was no tab for broke and famous. Granted, I know the money will come. I hate to sound like Scrooge, but it really sucks when you get paid shit and the man who owns the network drives away in a Beamer. 

However, I have some other doors opening for me which are nice. A booker I work with has some children's puppet shows he wants to book me on. I want to do these, because I want to work with children. Also, I have a teaching artist job I just landed bringing puppetry to drug addicts and others in prisons and mental health facilities. Additionally, I just landed a job as a talking head on an internet sports startup. Oh, and I have a photo shoot for a Billboard. So things are starting to turn around.

Also, I have another opportunity in the works that is quite amazing with my puppets. No news there yet, but hoping to get some. So yeah, it is getting better. Just not as fast as I would like it to be. But yeah, the weather is getting warmer. Maybe my luck will continue to get brighter too. 

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