Sunday, April 6, 2014

10 Things My Rocky Marathon Taught Me

If you have been following my posts, you know I have been having a shitty last few days. I am to the point where while things are looking like they might improve, I am scared to have hope. When I said things couldnt get an worse, they did. When I said things had to get better, they got worse. Right now, things are in neutral. No one has compromised my credit cards, I have some money to live on, and my rent is going to get paid. Bonus, a better group of people want the one project it looks like and I had an excellent interview with an internet sports network as a talking head.

But Saturday sucked royally. That's a different blog in general but why kvetch anymore?

So I got home ready to hit something after a rough week. And saw Rocky I-V was on Netflix. Here are ten things my little Rocky binge taught me.

1. I should have started as a lone shark. Not only would I be able to break legs, but Apollo Creed might take notice and give me a heavy weight fight.

2. Your true love is working at a pet store and has horrible fashion sense, but underneath is a vixen. I should know this in case I go gay.

3. Burgess Meredith is the best trainer ever.

4. Nobody talks smack better and then turns into a more perfect trainer than Apollo Creed.

5. Never fight Dolph Lungren in a costume with James Brown and dancing girls coming into the ring. He will kill you.....literally.

6. Apollo Creed's wife put up with a lot of shit.

7. Children in Philadelphia don't really go to school, do chores, or homework for that matter. They need their time free, because when Rocky runs, they have to go to the streets and run too.

8. Whenever Mr. T challenges you to a fight, the outcome will be, "Pain." I pity the fool.

9. Paulie is a bum. Give him a job or he'll get in trouble. Never let him handle your business or you will be back in the ghetto.

10. Tommy Morrison wasn't acting.

In all seriousness, whenever you have a victory, it isn't about you. Rocky's victory was for the entire city of Philly, and he showed people with hard work they could get out. He led people believe they were something. He took a chance. It makes me fight hard. It makes me keep taking hits even though I am not sure whether I am out of the darkness or not. It makes me want to fight until the last punch.

It makes me want to tell my enemies this is only the beginning. Even though my children and I are Netflix famous and broke as hell, we will be living in Beverly Hills, even if some of my redneck family members believe there is oil there.

It makes me want to tell some kid somewhere that this can happen for them to.

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