Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ode to Allergies

I have been suffering with these freaking allergies lately. It all started Sunday when I went to LI for a delivery. Lots of green grass, lots of flowers, lots of other things that cause allergies. I grew up in Pittsburgh. It's an industrial city. To give you an idea, while I grew up in the suburbs, we had our share of industrial areas. Sure, the mills left, but I drank hard water as a kid. It has sort of a metallic taste of sorts. I can deal with the NY smog. But then when I go to a place where people manicure their lawns, take care of their flowers, and try to keep clean air, blamo.

Yesterday, I looked like I had been in a street fight. My eyes were black, and I was limping around. I felt dizzy too. It was a mess. Sunday night I did a job where they probably thought I was drunk. Wasn't drunk, but I was stumbling around because my eyes were swelling shut. Oh shit, I know. Who did I piss off in the last life?

When I was a kid my brother Wendell had really bad allergies. He had the air purifier and everything. I remember how sick he would get. I was fine. And then when he moved to New England he was fine and look at me go.

So far I look and feel like a mess. My neck and back hurt. While my teeth are no longer hurting me, my jaw still aches. My nose runs like the Nile River, and the nose drops make me drip. An opportunistic infection has crept in, and now I might have a croop. To top it all off, my face is breaking out like a teenage girl who just bought her first bra. I am drinking so much tea I might just float away. When I deal with people I don't hug because I sneeze so much, and don't want their germs and they don't want mine.

I was reading something Steve Jobs wrote about being on the right path. He said you were on the wrong path if you were stressed, nothing was working out, things weren't easy, and your house was a mess.

Let's see, I am super stressed. Just filmed a DVD and looking for a distributor. Oh and waiting to hear about other things. STRESSED. Currently, everything is a freaking struggle because I picked the hardest career in the world and I am SICK. Nothing is working out because I want to pass out every three steps and am on enough allergy meds to sink a battle ship. Oh, and my house is a shit hole.

After I got mad at Steve Jobs I realized something. I am still doing better than him. I'm not DEAD.

I Came, I Saw, I Sang: Memoirs of a Singing Telegram Delivery Girl

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