Sunday, August 4, 2013

Seriously Dudeskis

Okay, I don’t get the male gender sometimes. Granted, my own people are catty and take pot shots at each other, but dudeskis are just plain obsessed with sex sometimes. What I don’t get is when a guy will tell me how good he is in bed. I mean, why you be telling me how good you are in bed. Telling me how good you are in bed is like telling me that there is a Santa Claus. The more you tell me the less I believe.
The other night I was talking to a dudeski. I actually kind of like this one. Anyway, the dudeski and I were walking home and we were really hitting it off. To make a long story short he is going through some shitz right now so I am not pushing this. Anyway, he told me that when he services a girl he likes to do most of the work and is big on foreplay. Hmmmski. Most guys talk a good game.
Talk being the key word.
Then one guy told me how big his penis was. Then one dudeski told me he was superior at oral.
The only reply I have to these dudeskis is in your mind you might be superior, but if you have to tell me about this, you are mentally and physically inferior.
Machismo shot down. Game over McChicos!


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