Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sidewalk Scene

I was walking home the other day when I ran across a guy handing out fliers for a strip joint. He had on his strip club apron and I paid no mind until the following piece of dialogue ensued:

Man: He Baby!

I turn around

Me: Excuse me?

Man smiles

Me: No, I do not want a flier?

Man: I was going to ask for your number.

I stand there dumbfounded. He is passing out fliers to a strip joint. Women will be swinging off a pole who have enough silicone in their bras to rescue the dead from the Titanic. Not to mention it will be a pleasant reminder what my gender periodically tries to overcome in their sexual oppression. However, the I might want to ask Bambi where she gets her ten inch heals and outfit. And maybe I can borrow it later. She won't be wearing it for very long. However, this fool has crossed the line. The NYU woman in me is coming out.

Me: Hell no. Not doing that job and not in that outfit.

Man now stands there dumbfounded. I see my friend Ben laughing in the background

Ben: That was pretty funny.

Me: Yeah, some people.

We both laugh

End scene

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