Thursday, June 6, 2013

Crazy in the Morning

Yes, this poem is about what girls think of when they like a guy and are feeling him out. It's a little crazy I know. I wish I could say this man thing got easier over time xoxo

So many times
We talk
You see me
We laugh

At my jokes
All bad
As I stumble over the punchline
Tripping over my feet

Trying to impress a man
Throwing out my brain
And all that feminism
Has given me

I flick off Gloria Steinem
As I dress all cute
Exposing my flesh
But all the while

Hiding myself
My mind
My interests
Trying to fit your (male) mold

I disappear
When I look into your eyes
Like a drowning body
Into choppy waters

I am enveloped
By your words
Although probably lies
Dripping like wine

I do not question
As a good American woman
Believing your lies
Like I believe in the government and false idols

I believe you to be sage like Jesus
Tough like Mohammed
Wise like Buddah
And celestial like Scientology

Be my false idol
Tell me sweet nothings
Lies on a sugar platter
So what they aren’t true

Tell me you love me
As the band plays a sonata
Dance with me and dip me
To Glenn Miller’s In the Mood

Then throw me out
Like yesterday’s news
Like yesterday’s status update
Make me MIA from your life

Tell your next girl
That I was crazy
That I mistreated you
That I was hard to take

Make your next girl hate me
Talk about me constantly
Play mind games
By the way, I love mind games like Monopoly

But wait, I am still here
Just standing
Obscured and unsure
In my insecurity

Does this outfit
Look good on me
Or do you want to hear
Me recite Sylvia Plath?

No the brain isn’t sexy
Same with the knowledge
Of literature and history
Only the bikini and disposable body

Walking up
Palms sweating
Dying and lying

I say hello 


  1. I am celestial, wise, and tough. you could call me a sage if you please. I will never be a false idol. There is no such thing. Just like there is no such thing as "nothing." I would whisper sweet everything into your ear.

  2. Awww thank you. Now get to work, lol