Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Blessed Day

Today the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) has been lifted. This is a blessed day because marriage is no longer federally characterized by the hederonormative man and woman. Now it can be man and man, woman and woman, as well as man and woman. We can all shop with the kiddies at Cotsco. We can all register at Bloomingdales. We can all be a part of.

The camp who says LGBT people shouldn't marry had more holes in their logic than a piece of Swiss Cheese. A gay marriage will not alter the definition of your straight marriage, now everyone will be married and get equal benefits under the law. No straight couple is any less married because gays get married. Also, then there is the how will I explain this to my kiddies? Answer, men can marry men, and women can marry women. As for the homosexual couples influencing children and flaunting their identities, straight couples hold hands and have bombarded Disney for years. And then the churches yelling and screaming that they will have to hold gay weddings. Well don't worry, the gays don't want to get married in your backward assed churches. They want to get married in churches that welcome and tolerate them and all people. Not to mention gay couples have adopted and raised children in monogamous relationships for years. And they pay taxes. Give them equal protection under the law.

Today love has won out and hate has been defeated. Love erodes at the patriarchy, the white hederosexual male normative that has oppressed many for years. Today that is gone and what replaces it is the principal of tolerance. Martin Luther King, JR spoke of judging a man not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character in his time. Now in my time, his daughter, before she passed away, campaigned for gay rights because she believed all people regardless of their orientation deserved rights in the spirit of her late father.

Now lastly, to all couples regardless of your orientation this is what I will say. Respect yourself and each other. Be who you are as honestly and openly and as healthily as you can, while you join forces. Understand each other's differences and make them bring you closer together as people rather than letting them tear you apart. And the things you have in common, let them bring you closer together. Use disagreements as an excuse to learn more about each other as well as yourselves. Have each other's back against the world. In any discord remember love conquers all. Now much happiness on your continued journey together.

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