Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Almost Famous

Lately things have been kinda crazy.  Two Fridays I found out I was on TV again. It was kind of cool to find out the OWN channel is still showing me and my puppet babies. I was like this is soo cool. Then that Monday I was on my way to tape something (more on that later) and this Spanish dude yells, "Are you April?"

I turned around. And then he said, "You are a youtube legend. I saw your clip on the Today Show. Do you have a puppet or something with you?" McAwesome. I did a mini show for him and his boy working at the car lot. Cool.

Middle of the week last week I found out I was on the tele overseas again. YIPEE!!! And then I made a fan video for a fan in Scotland. They showed it on the jumbotron in Glasgow. I was like, I McRock!

After that I was asked to write a piece for a biggie-more on that later. Oh and I was booked for a big family festival.

And then there was the good news about the NYU Bookstore and Infinity has made me their author of the month. Check it out here.

Oh and it gets better. I delivered a Yenta Sunday, and the girl I delivered it to was like, "I know you from somewhere." She thought I was an old student of hers, bless her heart. Anyway she kept insisting she knew me, but I had never seen her before. Whenever this stuff happens in my experience it means they have seen me on TV and are not making the connection. Usually they recognize my voice first which is pretty cool. But they don't know from where, and when we talk they make the connect which is so damn cool.

And then yesterday I was chilling with some old friends when one says, "I was sitting and chilling and saw you on Anthony Bourdain a year ago. I was like, 'Shit, there is April!' You had that gay puppet."

What can I say, my life is awesome. I am feeling a little tired but that goes with having a career. People expect you to do shit. I still have ways to go but I am further along than I thought I would ever be.

I Came, I Saw, I Sang: Memoirs of a Singing Telegram Delivery Girl
Paperback available on Amazon and 877-Buy-Book
E-Book available on Kindle and Nook
Audiobook available on itunes and Audible this Spring
Portion of proceeds go to Greenpeace

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