Friday, June 7, 2013


I have been making it my business to eat healthy and exercise more. Yes, I don't eat a bad diet but all too often I treat my digestive system like a garbage disposal. Sometimes, especially if I am traveling a lot, my body turns into a landfill. It is Cheetos, donuts, iced cream, and coffee with lots of sweet 'n' low. Add in the sodas and you have a mini sugar high. Add in the fact I periodically forget to eat and then binge on this crappola from time to time. My excuses are always the same. The bad food that will lead me to heart disease and diabetes-both genetic in my family-is easy to obtain and cheap. Plus it brings me comfort in a life where the only man I have is a mouse named Mordecai.

As for the gym, I am good about going several times a week. I kickbox at least once a week. Then I lift at least three times a week and do the bike too. In addition, I do a jog/power walk daily. I don't go to the gym as much as I should. Either my work schedule is crazy and it takes me away or I get so pumped on fitness I binge on it all at once and get hurt. Yes, I will do an hour in the pool and wonder why I am sore? Answer, it has been three months since you swam. Add in the bringing up my weight limit in the weight room and then wondering why my arms hurt. Maybe I escalated too soon and too much all at once. That never occurs to me though. Couple that with the shit diet and it can be a recipe for disaster.

I am trying to eat better these days. Bad nutrition can really cripple you. Plus when you want to swim, kickbox, and lift more you are kind of forced to eat properly. I know, this is a basic we learned in health class as children. Not to mention my mom is active in the health and fitness industry. A few months ago I was going long hours in between meals because I was busy in between going to the studio, performing, working the telegram job, and filming a TV pilot the Queen Bitch in me was coming out. I remember the rock bottom with that was when I screamed at some kid at some club who was a stupid little intern being his stupid self, "Don't you know who the fuck I am! Don't you own a TV you little shit!!!!" Note to self: You look like an unstable bitch when you do that. The following day, when I was dropping off a press pack to a bookstore I ended up crying in the stacks and told my mother I couldn't handle my life. I also told her about my nutritional issue and my mom said, "I know how you get. I have seen you like this. But you have to eat properly April. If you exercise without a healthy diet you can get hurt."

I had never thought of that. I could seriously get hurt, SHIT! So I actually filled my house with good food. I ate well for almost a month and then got lazy. However, lately I have been realizing that I need to continue this trend of eating healthy. Not only do I feel better, but I have more energy. Not to mention working out is easier. Oh and it is cheaper to go food shopping once a week instead of eating out every night. And you are less likely to get sick.

On the other hand, my body is kind of rebelling against this new diet too. I get the occasional stomach cramp and find myself running to the bathroom more than ever. My body is used to this crapacular fried food and is asking itself, "What is this? What do you mean there is no sugar donut?" Basically the landfill that is occasionally my stomach has had flowers planted on the top of it. It doesn't know what to do. However, I know in a short time it will be okay.

Yes, it is chicken. Yes, it is fruit. Oh and then there is the pure fruit juice along with the pecan butter I get a scoop of before going to the gym. I am still drinking tons of coffee but am chasing it with water. This is making it easy to go to the gym. Oh and I like the gym because everyone there is really happy. Down the street is also an adult gymnastics class. I haven't tumbled in years and might take that too.

I dunno. I am happy and healthy. My career is good. I am single and proud without a man to use me, abuse me, and lie to me. Yes this is all about me. I need to take care of myself. You only get one body.

Now I will go. I have nothing more to say.
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