Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Post New Year's Blog

The New Year is here and all the holidays have passed. It means one thing, the monster called winter is here. It is obvious Mother Nature ain’t taking her meds. NYE it was 57 degrees, today it was 25 and tonight it is going to be 12. BURR! Already I am stocking my cabinets with soup and other canned goods in case it is either too cold to go outside or we get a blizzard. It will be spectacular because it will be good for writing. Still I hate the cold.

Every winter I always say I can’t stand winter. I always threaten to move to the West Coast because the winter in NYC can be killer especially January. I always make the threat. But it is an empty threat. Every year rolls around and here I am in Manhattan in an overheated apartment in my comfy robe and my socks. Currently I am battling a mouse who thinks it is human. I left out a small two pack of cookies and already that mouse had eaten it. Two words: glue traps.

The fact remains though that I am an East Coast girl. Thorough and hard in my way, I am driven and matter of fact. When it comes to my politics I am liberal, informed but all the more awesome. At the same time I am goal driven and pure like the winter snow on the tundra, the snow that I love to watch fall but at the same time hate the freezing temperatures. While the branches of the trees look like the fingers of angry monsters ready to come and snatch me up at the same time when the temperature drops I know all is right in the world.

So far the New Year has been good career wise. I am one step closer to publishing my book. I made an appearance on CFR before the start of the New Year. I always like those guys. Bryan or Chris, whatever he likes to be called, is a good dude and although I get a little roasting for being a woman it’s all good. Sean Morton has been a good edition as are Joe and Powder. While they push the envelope and some folks cant take it, comedy is about being a good sport. They are comedy in it’s purest form. Plus it was an excuse to talk to Geno Bisconte. Love those guys.

I also got to tape for CBS Sports Pick ‘Em with May. I was asked to do the show at the last minute. I was recommended by an old friend, Trevor Williams, and they had been talking to me about doing the show for about a month. When they first talked to me it was Heisman weekend and I was busy being a part of the festivities and the second time I was away. However today I was there. The taping went awesome and I got to talk about football which I am passionate about. I know, it’s rare for a girl. However since my sister won the Wendy’s High School Heisman I am familiar with the college winner’s and have gotten to see how they work so hard to chase the dream of pro-stardom. Plus I see how their families sacrifice for their dreams tossing all things aside to follow their son’s college sports teams on the road and cross their fingers during draft time. Joe and Evan were awesome. And Trevor was even more awesome for recommending me.

I also had two folks reappear from my past. One who is now the host of a major radio show who wants me to be a guest which is awesome. The other hosted a smaller radio show under the Cringe Humor umbrella but nonetheless was cool. He too wants me to be a guest. Both were very complimentary about all the things I have been up to. I would be thrilled to be a guest on both shows again.

I just dropped my single “Stay.” I have it here on sound cloud. I got to know the site through some of the rap artists on younow.com. I am pimping it out in any way I can, still green to the whole music thing. I am also plotting the video and am also trying to get me airplay. I am tied into one internet station who will probably spin me. But still, I have faith in my voice and my vision. And it’s all because of Cristopher Rodriguez and Paul Alfonso. They made me sound so good I don’t even recognize me. Take a listen http://soundcloud.com/april-brucker/april-brucker-stay.



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