Thursday, January 5, 2012

January Blahs

Today I am beginning to feel the winter set in. It’s cold out and this time of year is when I really have to worry about money. The telegrams are slow which sucks and most everything is at a standstill. Plus club dates get cancelled because of inclement weather conditions. To top it off there was no heat in my building last night which made things interesting. Oh and I am having serious stomach issues. They all started Tuesday night and haven’t stopped since. It’s also been all sorts of bile following it too. I am now on a restricted diet of toast and soup. Fuck you January!

My stomach aches are so bad that I was in the bath tub last night and just filled it with bubbles. Then I remembered my hair dryer was broken. Because of the summer heat and the fact the year has been so mild despite the Halloween snow storm I realized I neglected to get a hair dryer. So then I was sick with stomach problems in an apartment with no heat. To top it off I still had a stomach ache and couldn’t sleep. So I decided to watch Unsolved Mysteries reruns. Gosh do I miss Robert Stack.

I will admit the holidays put the pounds on me as they do us all. So I tried a new class at my gym. I kickbox at least twice a week but haven’t been going because of my stomach issues. This class was a cardio class taught by a very colorful gay man who made me laugh while he made me feel the burn. If my Tuesday nights are open I am back. For years I wasn’t much of a joiner and now I am kickboxing, taking classes and am toying even with the idea of joining my block association.

As the year begins I find myself alone again. Dead Beat Daddy Ross has claimed another victim who used to be friendly with me and now probably believes every lie that comes out of his sperminating mouth. I know because I saw her the other day and while she was friendly she made it a point to bring him up. If she thought she was punching me in the gut she was wrong. She’s more than welcome to feast on his food stamps and receive his text messages that would make Noah Webster cringe. Then when she’s saddled with his kid and he is A-WOL I will silently say, “Told ya so.”

Of course Special Someone is in Utah in the mountains. We texted and stuff over Christmas and New Year’s. I haven’t heard from him in a few days. Part of me misses him but part of me knows it was love under duress. I know he’s probably found someone new on the ski slopes. While for a wrinkle in time he was mine and claimed he wanted to be mine I know once a ladies man always a ladies man. Sure he claimed that he liked me for some time, but he liked a lot of girls. Yeah he claimed he wanted me but I know I could have only kept him for so long. He would have gotten bored with me but I know that. It was wonderful for what it was and he’ll always have a special place in my heart. Still, I haven’t had anyone that sweet walk through my door in so long let alone my life.

I haven’t heard from my celebrity. I am thinking of getting another famous boyfriend. Don’t know who yet. I don’t want to actively stalk one. It has to be organic, he has to come my way.

The flipside is I enjoy being alone. I have my nights to myself and can do what I want. I don’t have some guy checking on me all the freaking time. I don’t have to put up with his friends which is always a task. I don’t have the prospect of a mother in law from hell. I have time to focus on my career. Not to mention I don’t have to sex myself up for someone who won’t appreciate the time I spent on the wardrobe let alone notice. Oh and then not some guy who will put a lid on my career because he wants me at the homestead poppies out puppies in the kitchen making him a sandwich.

However for my fan boys I will always sex up. They will always have my heart. I love my fan boys. Sometimes I wish I could marry them all.

One good thing is this past week I filmed CBS Local Sports Pick ‘Em with May. Loved both Evan Roberts and Joe Benningo. The filming was fun and I got to talk about something I am passionate about, FOOTBALL! Of course my wildcard pick was the Steelers. If they win they are in contention for the AFC title and might even be going to the Super Bowl! Steelers! Steelers! Follow this link to see my picks. Now what are yours?

Sigh. Time for more soup.




  1. Gurl if i could only tell you what is going on with me lol just stay tune to utube..oh and hey your picker is seriously broke..u need to write mssassy roflmao..^j^ angelz on all your pillowz ^j^

  2. I love you MsSassy. My picker is broke. Your picker is broke. We need to have a broken picker party. I'll bring the candy, you bring the chips. Now who is bringing Patrick Swayze?