Monday, January 2, 2012

Poppyseed of the Week: Billie Stone Ralston

What can one say about Billie Stone Ralston? For one, she is a beautiful girl from Birmingham. Armed and dangerous with pipes that could not only break the charts and win Grammys people swoon when they hear her sing. And when Billie isn’t singing Billie is doing the other thing she loves, cheerleading. Her goal is to go to the world championships in cheerleading. Next fall, it looks as if this songbird will attend Cambridge University for either media or performing arts. No small feat for a girl who says, “I am not that bright. I am from Birmingham.”
Check her out on youtube here 

Billie’s New Year’s Resolution: “To never miss a week of Confessions and to be a better poppyseed.”

Move over Adele, this girl is the new fabulostosa!

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