Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Poppyseeds of the Week

Leah Mary Ann

The first is Leah Mary Ann. This Welsh woman is currently in Uni at Trinity St. David in Wales. Fluent in Welsh as well as English, she has been giving me Welsh lessons. While Welsh seems like a handful to see written, spoken and sung it is very beautiful. Miss Leah can sing very beautifully in Welsh. I asked this poppyseed to type me a phrase in Welsh and she typed,  “Rydych yn ysbrydoliaeth i nifer fawr o bobl.” I asked her what that meant thinking it was something random. Instead she typed, “You are an inspiration to a great many people.” Leah has vocalized that she would visit me if she weren’t poor and had the funds and she is always welcome in my house. Future goals for this poppyseed include becoming a primary school teacher, the perfect job for a gentle yet profound soul who wants to change the world.
Miss Leah Mary Ann, personifying poppyseed awesomeness. Fun, smart, beautiful and ready to change the world

Brandao Peixe

This next poppyseed is a Steel Town boy, one from my hometown of Pittsburgh. A Steeler fan and fellow Pennsylvanian, he has been singing my praises and carrying my message in my absence now that I am in the Big Apple. Not to mention he is for me meeting a nice guy and giving up Dead Beat Daddy’s for New Years. When posed the question of why he should be poppyseed of the week he said:

“I should be poppyseed of the week because I only work 3 days this week. Being poppyseed of the week would make it so much better, and of course, I would rightfully sing your praises all throughout Pittsburgh. AND I would send prayers your way so that you don't date any more dead beat daddies!!”
Reppin the black and yellow, black and yellow!

Honorable mentions go to the following poppyseeds

Pearse Colomb, “I should be poppyseed of the week because I have a low sperm count.” While this reply was not as in depth as the winners it was worthy of a chuckle and showed not only fan but friend love

Fabricio Nunez who mentioned he was addicted to poppyseeds and he was “amazin obvi.” Again, worthy of a chuckle.

Jessie Conley for being an old friend that reached out from my old job at my home town supermarket. When asked who should be poppyseed of the week she said, “ME!!!!”

Tracy Colman who confessed she did not want to be poppyseed of the week and had originally not been a fan. However now I had won her over and she said that I “rocked.” Always wonderful to meet a true believer in the House of the Superfoxxx.

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