Friday, January 13, 2012

Poppyseeds of the Week: Jon Fisher and Michael Farbrace

The great part about a husband overseas is that not only don't they bother you but they make you look real pretty in pictures

Jon Fisher
This particular Poppyseed is not just an up and coming radio/tv tycoon but one heck of a graphic artist. Not only does he never miss a Confession’s broadcast but I have cost him his health and several nights of sleep. A Renaissance Man, he is not just into art but was a part of a sort of Junior Army Corps. In addition, this poppyseed shows strength over adversity by living with epilepsy. Not to mention he has christened himself my Trans-Atlantic Mr. April Brucker. Studying at the University of Birmingham he is ready to move to NYC, work for himself, and be the king of all media.

Jon Fisher, my UK husband chasing away one of my ex boyfriends

Michael Farbrace
This next guy is poppyseed of the week because well, this was his reply when I asked, “Why should you be poppyseed of the week?
“I would love to be poppy seed of the week because i watch as many of your shows as i can and support you all the way , even being in the united kingdom i stay up until earl hours of the morning to watch you an be inspired by you words x 
p.s listened to the song on the link posted on your blog the other day it was brilliant x”
Michael is also extra talented. This is the link to the radio show he does at his college xo

Michael rocked this out during a broadcast on one of my shows. I didn't know what he looked like until recently.  But the risk says he's a legend in the making.

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