Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thanks, Mr. President

Dear Mr. Obama,

My name is April Brucker. I am a performer and writer living in NYC. For some time my health insurance situation has been quite insecure and causing me some anxiety. Throughout my childhood and early adult years, I have been blessed to be on my parent's policy. However, when I reached a certain age they had to drop me. This left me afraid that if something were to happen to me, I wouldn't be protected.

My mother was worried about my insurance situation and so was I. She pointed out that if something happened to me, my parents would have to dig into their 401K in order to help me. Whether it was a car accident or cancer treatment, this would leave them destitute. I didn't want this, especially since my parents had worked their entire lives and deserved a solid retirement. I needed healthcare and didn't know what to do.

The deadline was looming, and I had tried the website before when it crashed. I was divided on whether I thought Universal Healthcare was a good idea. This was because of the negative feedback I heard, but also because the website kept crashing. However, when the kinks were worked out I went back on. Not only was I able to enroll, but it was relatively painless. Yes, it took me two hours. It was no fault of yours or the websites but rather I wanted to be thorough in my answering of the questions and wanted to pick a plan that was best for me. I knew that this was an important assignment, and one that could be life or death if I made the wrong decision. However, the choices were available to me in a way they never were. This was not only calming my fears but rather a gift from the highest office in the land.

The plan I picked covers emergency room visits, doctor's visits, second opinions, chemo, lab work, prescriptions, gyno issues, and oral surgery if I would need it. While I do not have eye and dental at the moment, I can upgrade once my financial situation changes. (Knock on wood).

Because of your hard work and belief in the people, I now have health care. I feel safe, protected, secure and care for. If I get sick I will not be abandoned. My parents will not have to dip into their retirement if something should happen to me. I will not be denied care for fear of nonpayment. Universal Healthcare has not only made me more insured than I have ever been, but lets me continue to follow my dreams knowing I am insured.

Because of you, and the fact you continued to fight even when people struck you down, my mother can sleep better at night. She can know that I have access to quality care and that the president she voted for twice made that happen. I am giving her a copy of my healthcare cards in case something should happen to me. It was her idea not mine. Once a mom always a mom. However, she is relieved and told me to find a network of doctors in my plan in case anything should happen to me. Before this was just a dream, now it is a reality.

I have voted for you not once but twice. I met some of your campaign people when I appeared on Good Day NY. Right away I was struck by now nice they were. No one knew much about you then. They said you lacked the experience some of the other candidates had. However, you had more vision than any of them. As a result, gay people are becoming citizens with full fights in a country they pay taxes and work in. Stop and frisk policies towards minority young men are being struck down. Women's reproductive rights are being protected.

And most importantly, you are making sure that everyone, rich, middle class and poor, have health care.

Despite your critics, American history will be kind to you. I am a proud Democrat, and can say the man I voted for truly does care about the people he governs.

Thanks Mr. President!

April Brucker
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