Monday, March 31, 2014

Junior High Is Over

Yesterday I found myself involved in some drama. I won't get into details. The whole thing was bizarre, unnneeded and completely started by the other party involved. I have a feeling there is more to it than what was on the surface. Actually, there is. I have a theory behind what happened yesterday, and it involves another problem child but I don't even feel like mentioning her name or likeness further. Truthfully, this young woman is a shit starter and shit stirrer to the n-th degree.

My buddy called me yesterday because he felt he had played a role in starting it because he felt something he said triggered the Moron Squad. I told him he didn't. He read me the thread where the blocked party bitched about the fact I blocked them. Yeah, I blocked them. This moron and their posse would have fought with me online all night. Plus I had people who wanted to follow me that would have been less trouble. Oh, and I just didn't want to deal with her. I don't see her and have never met her in real life. So yeah, after feeling like an ass clown wasting an hour of my time on this shit, time I could have used for other things, I blocked her.

Apparently she was pissed I blocked her and started several threads talking about me. For someone who insisted that I didn't matter, they dedicated almost four threads to me with almost thirty comments and even plugged by DVD taping. My buddy offered to keep me posted because it was funny. Finally I told him I didn't want to know anymore. He asked if I was sure. I replied again, "I don't want to know anymore."

There was nothing to be gained. She has not posted a recent photo of herself. The last pictures she puts up are from her high school glamour shot days. I have three pages, one which is almost always maxed out. She has one. Nothing is gained from fighting with her. As a matter of fact, I feel stupider for having participated as long as I did. These people have not gotten the success I have, and am going no where near where I am going. Instead, they will always be where they are. So what is gained by this? NOTHING! So yeah, be pissed I blocked you. At least someone was the adult here, even if it wasn't her old ass.

Yes, I am an adult. We live in a generation where people can be mentally handicapped in a whole new way with the internet. It gives a lot of people balls and buns of steel. In person, they can't look you in the eye afterwards. It makes them unaccountable for their actions. "It was on the computer. It was an internet fight. You should take it better."

No, read what you typed. You are an idiot who showed me you are not only petty but have an IQ of a turnip. We are done here now and forever. No, I will not appear on your podcast or radio show now that you told everyone I sucked dick for that spot there. So continue to get behind the keyboard, and engage in your retarded feats of strength like Lenny in Mice of Men.

During this drama filled wasted hour of my life, I had a stranger who was a moron and wanted to latch on to the fight remind me of a time in my life I would rather forget. Apparently another shit stirrer messaged him to inform him of all the mistakes I made in my past. So now this particular loser is not only wasting his time, but now got involved in a fight that wasn't his. As a bonus, he has now made a whole new enemy. For that, he gets to be line leader on the short bus.

Truth is, he would have to strain his neck to look at where I am like the rest of them. I felt like informing him that the closest he will ever get to my success is watching me on TV. But he isn't worth it. His life already sucks. He's a road hack. God already hates him.

Yeah, the fact I am doing well is too much for some people. There are those who don't feel I deserve it because of the way I have supposedly gotten my breaks. There are others who feel I don't have the talent and am simply a so called cute girl. And there are those who won't let me live a rough part of my life down. Yes, the assweeds with no dimension whatsoever. Once again, better than them then and still am. But that's about them and not me. Still I must ask, how old are we again?

The whole experience left me worn out and tired. I am not a fan of drama unless it is on TV. I am not a fan of people who create it in real life. They make me run like I saw Godzilla. Most of the time they are nobody's who are no where. It's because this consumes their time and therefore they can't do anything else. Plus why work on your own shit when you can go stir someone else's? Or why be successful when you can needle someone who is on their way to that place? Why hang with the winners when you can be a loser talking about everyone else? Why see your role in anything? Oh that means being an adult. NEVERMIND.

I remember a woman named Sandra Bowie gave me this piece of advice. She taught and worked in the Drama Department at NYU and had once been head of the Theatre Program at Howard University at one time. When I was a nineteen year old basketcase she gave me this advice, "If you expend all your energy in life, when you get to the stage you will be very, very tired." And this is why these people are no where, they are tired. They are too tired to focus and too tired to perform because their time and energy is wasted starting meshuggah.

It reminds me of junior high, when the intrigue was in the hallway in between classes. When everything took place with note passing and nasty rumors. Oh, and let's not forget the nasty things written about others on the bathroom walls and gym lockers. This was all done faceless and anonymous, and that way cowardice could reign. Why take responsibility for one's actions? My baby cousins are at that point in their lives now. However, they are starting to grow out of it. They are 12 and 13, and are learning to own up to their part in things. These adults, not so much. Never got that memo.

 I know I am running my own race, and what is mine will be mine. Additionally, I know not to start things with people and to mind my own business. When I go to a club, I go to make others laugh. Not to gossip by the bar about who slept with who for what spot. When I write for the Huffington Post, I write my column. However, I don't argue with some people just want to hear themselves speak when they comment. When I book a TV show or play, I know my lines ahead of time, take direction, and hit my marks best I can. I know there is money at stake and I am there to work. As I approach my DVD taping, I am plugging the event every chance I get and polishing my act to give my best show. Will it be my best DVD? Not sure but it will be my first and I am willing to learn, cry, and grow.

Unfortunately, some people aren't. I could feel anger but don't. Instead, I feel a sense of overwhelming sadness and pity. In the words of my friend Chacho Vasquez, "The thing about the past is when you pass people over. When you look back, they are right where you left them doing the same shit and wearing the same bad clothes."

I have known these idiots for years. They are still doing the same crap and bad jokes they were then. It's because they don't know class is dismissed and junior high is over. They are afraid to grow.

 Life outside of junior high is peaceful, lower drama, and fun. I hope someday they get to experience it.


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