Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Restless, Irritable, and Discontent

I am entering perhaps one of the worst times of year for the business I am in. There is this lull. It's like a death lull. It never lasts forever but feels like it will. For the whole of the winter and spring I have been busy as hell. And now I feel like blah. Actually I have been busy with other projects. But still, it's kind of financially interesting to say the least.

Part of me feels lazy and worthless as hell. But I know it will pass. I am applying for some promo jobs which I hate. Yes it is quick money but it is also bitch work. Oh and on one promo job I was with this chick who told me that she would audition for stuff but that would mean she would have to stop pAArtying. Revolting was an understatement. Then of course you have the bitter former actresses who fell into promos and now they are peppy about it to compensate for the fact they have no career. One time this chick mentioned she was touring and I asked her what show. She told me it was promos. I was like, oh. And she snapped and said, "People don't just tour with theatre, you know?" OUCH McOUCH!

And then you get the promo chicks who are just plain hard to take that take the job so seriously. Relax, it's just a damn promo. Your job is to smile, hand out the flier, and just stand there. No one is rating you. I worked with one chick who was like that. She too claimed to be an actress. I asked her if she was in anything and she snapped, "You have to know people." Okay, duh. And then she was doing some retarded show and I asked how much it paid seeing it as a career opportunity. She said, "None of anyone's business!" I was like WOWSA! I just went to my corner and worked. She was cool when I missed a few days for a job. But the super promo chicks were just jealous as hell and said I should be fired cause I wasnt committed. As if? This job was designed for that.

Things haven't been that bad though. I have some club dates coming up and have some money coming in next week. I also have money from book sales which is cool. The weird thing is, my broke underemployed ass is on TV more than ever. I am getting recognized by fans on the constant. I am like thanks. Now tell my bank statement how famous I am, for realz. It would love to hear it.

I also got some good news on some other projects that is waaaayyyyyyy promising. I am thankful for that.

There is an old saying that this too shall pass. I know it will. So hurry the fuck up and pass.

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