Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cotton Candy World

Sometimes I dream of a world made of cotton candy. Where the only currency is a Twix Bar. Where people don't need anything from anyone. Politics and religion do not exist. People are just happy and their teeth fall out. They don't care about teeth because there are no looks. They don't care about dental health because there is no insurance. They just want to be happy.

I got into a fight with a follower last night. I never fight with my fans. I am the type of entertainer that when I meet fans I am always gracious. I am the type of performer that when I hear from my fans I might be wrong I will listen. I am not some bitch who lets her head swell despite what others might think and feel about me.

To make a long story short this all started after some fat girl at the fat store accosted me and for no reason said I needed to eat a sandwich cause I was too skinny. She yelled it at me. I was angry because I have not once in my life made someone miserable because of the way they looked. I used to be forty pounds heavier. I know how lonely and depressed she must feel. But it made me angry because she had no right to say that let alone to testify to my experiences. That is when I told her I was what a perfect size two looked like and walked away. So I took it to facebook. Mistake, yeah. But I make a lot of those. My record ain't so great.

One of my followers who used to be quite loyal ended up telling me she lost respect for me and that I was being "hurtful" by calling this fat bitch a bitch. Of course she didn't say that I was being hurtful but rather posted the comment to fight with me. I have a lot of followers so sometimes trolls come on my page. Anyway it made me angry because she said a lot about me not knowing shit about me either. It was like I was wrong for sticking up for myself against Porky Pig. So she disfriended me, deleted me, and blocked me. Fine. Lost an idiot. But she shouldn't have been fighting me with. Granted I shouldn't have taken it to facebook. I don't know.

Either way I am tired and it is hot. I saw Spooky Juice and we talked. Time to meditate. Time to press restart. Time to envision eating cotton candy

I Came, I Saw, I Sang: Memoirs of a Singing Telegram Delivery Girl

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