Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Acting Again.......

I am in a reading of the Hippie Playhouse tonight. I am excited, nervous, scared, and elated. It has been a while since I have acted, acted if you know what I mean. I graduated from NYU and all with an acting degree. I trained with some of what I feel are the best teachers in the world. I know what to do with a role. But since college, really haven't acted steadily or seriously.

The thing about life after college was I chased comedy more or less. I toured quite a bit, and I thought that was going to be my rainbow. The nights I kept were late and I was onstage constantly. I liked the fact anything could happen, it was in the moment, and I could create my own work. The thing about actors was, for as much as I had friends from college, a great number of them annoyed me. They were self-obsessed and everything involved so much prep. Standup you just did it. My plan was to tour, become a headliner, tour some more, and then get on TV a bunch. Instead I toured some, headlined a little bit, and got on TV more than I toured and headlined. The TV credits didn't do shit for me. And my so called "fame chasing" got me ousted in a way from my community. Well former community. Anyway, after an unfortunate chain of events I have shared about at length in past blogs, I found myself without a home club and shunned. But other doors opened for me.

I made music. I wrote and published a book. I was a talking head for a website. But I also started acting again. Really, my first year out of college I did a lot of dinner theatre and downtown stuff from time to time in Brooklyn, but nothing that ever got me anywhere. Most of the pieces I was cast in because of my work with puppets or my standup. I did some day player stuff and an art house film. But nothing that would make people scream, "Actress!"

In 2011, after everything went down and I really wasn't performing comedy anymore I made a movie, Death of a Dummy. It was my first time really acting, acting again. I thought it was a good experience overall, but it also made me realize how rusty my toolbox was so to speak. The whole thing made me want to take classes again and study extensively. It also made me miss my old acting classes where I could safely make wrong choices. It made me miss the gift of rehearsal and exploring. It made me want to go back to basics. I also shot a film in 2012 called the Lottery that is going to be on Netflix this fall.

So here I am tonight going back to the theatre. I have been wanting to act again. I mean, I dress in costume for my job. For months I have been agonizing over what is next for me. Now maybe the whole acting thing is. Who knows? I once had an acting teacher in college tell me for as crazy as I came across once I got breath control I would have quite an interesting range on me. Since that time I have lived a crazy life. You can read my blogs for that shit too. But maybe I have my breath control. Maybe I have my interesting character range. I am the most grounded I have ever been. Maybe I am ready to ride my horse and embrace my gift.

Either way, Carlos and UnCanny Works never cease to amaze me, and Leif wrote a wonderful play. Hopefully I will serve the script tonight.

I Came, I Saw, I Sang: Memoirs of a Singing Telegram Delivery Girl

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