Friday, September 21, 2012

Electric Blue (Ice House)

I feel a little crazy today. Spinning in my own head and my own world. The mission today was to go to the bookstores to try to get my book in there. A lot of the people I dealt with were very nice and sent me to their buyers. Usually the publisher rep does this, however I am self-published so I am my own publisher rep. It's pretty trippy, oye vey.

I had an awesome discovery today. My book sold out on Amazon on it's own. I don't know who is buying it but it was an awesome surprise. I called Brittany at Infinity, who I probably annoyed to no end this morning, and she informed me that they sent several to Amazon but apparently there was only one left because someone had bought the others they sent them. I was like, "Wow this is good news." She was like, "Yeah." It was a huge booster to my ego. My friend Terry Snee brought the last Amazon copy. My publisher cuts a check once the book sales reach twenty dollars. I think I got there a while ago. Still it has been an awesome journey. Ebook comes out in a bit.

My mother asked me if I was dating, had a guy. What guy? My only lover is my book. There are no moments for men. They will only get in the way.

Lately though I have missed performing standup comedy. Between promoting the book and dealing with stores that might buy it and working, that is a full time job. I haven't been onstage as much in the last few months between the music and the book, both were full time jobs. "Stay" hit number one on internet radio for five weeks. The book was a full time job between the editing, finding a publisher, more editing, more marketing, and where to go next. Plus he telegrams have been way busy. While I have done puppet shows and other things, I haven't done a lot of club gigs per se. At least not as many as I used to do.

I miss them. I should start pimping my puppet children and I out for spots again. We do videos and other things, although not as many since the book. We still do street performances, but we need the club dates. I have thought about getting a manager, a comedy manager. I also need a home base again. Since the falling out with my old home base, I have been sort of a nomad. The nice thing about having a home base as far as clubs go is that everyone knows your name.

I could always produce shows but that is a pain in the ass. But if I build it they will come. I do open mics from time to time, but who can be a professional comedian and pay for stage time? No, it's not ego. It's the fact pro comics are broke.

I will also start to do more music soon.

I also want to return to acting class. While I think actors are stupid, unskilled pretty people who make me nauseated as they are paid bukoo bucks to tell me how they like my chewing gum and how awesome it is I did get a degree in it. There is an art when it comes to that. I want to go back to class, fall on my ass, and dig deeper. I have done more acting in this past eighteen months than I had before. I made a movie, filmed a pilot, and then a sketch. The pilot almost got picked up by Spike TV. I like acting, it's fun. I like the art of rehearsal, always more ways to experiment. Sometimes you hit, sometimes you fall on your ass.

I find myself missing acting class. I haven't taken one in a while. Hell with it. I also might do some mics. I just need to get back to basics. Maybe make some videos. Damnit, I am too much of an extrovert just to be a literary genius.

I am thinking too hard.

Love, April

I Came, I Saw, I Sang: Memoirs of a Singing Telegram Delivery Girl


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