Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Olympics

These past few days I have been watching the Olympics. It has been crazy how talented these young people are. Missy Franklin just flies in that pool. Apparently she is six feet, one inches tall. Wow! So basically she dives in the pool and is already a third of the way down there. She seemed like a nice kid though. It was crazy watching her swim. She just was kicking in that full body suit like wah!

Of course there was Katie Ledecky, who was in the pool swimming and so in the zone that she unknowingly broke a few world records. This fifteen year old kid just looked around when she won like, “Wow, where’s everyone? Oh, I won. This is great!” She seemed like a sweet kid, and she really couldn’t believe she won. This was her first Olympics. I guess this will be a great memory.

Jordyn Wieber may not have been a metal contender but she was a sportswoman. Despite finishing third, she wished her best to her teammates on the mat and also said her big task was to help her team win first. Good job kid. I hope to see her in future Olympics. She is a cute kid and a good kid. A champion is someone who loses as gracefully as they win, and she is the epitome of the word.

The same can be said for Cullen Jones in the pool who often congratulates the competition. It’s nice to see. Plus he is a black swimmer. How often do you see that?

Of course there is Gabby Douglass, the first African-American to win all around gold in gymnastics. The kid was amazing. Her family has sacrificed so much so she could go to the games and she won. Word on the street is that The Flying Squirrel has some sweet endorsements coming her way. I hope it is the case. Her father came home from the Middle East to find out his daughter not only made the team but won trials. More gold on her yellow brick road. Go Gabby go!

Carmelita Jeter was my favorite comeback story on the track. She had pulled her hamstring and kept injuring it and was out of running for several years. Now she is back. Gracious as ever, she said she was blessed to be at the games. Carmie seems like a nice lady, but I would not want to fight her outside of the bar. My kind of girl. Win that gold baby, win that gold!

Cassidy Krug looked good on the springboard. I knew Cassidy back in the day when I attempted a diving career. While I loved the daredevil aspect I wasn’t very good, Cassidy on the otherhand was because now she is at the Olympics. She looked good on the board, sounded good when interviewed, and made me proud. I know how hard she worked and I was cheering for her from my couch so hard that I nearly dropped my dinner. Go Cassidy, go! Make a splash, but not too much, they take off points for that.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the way Michael Phelps swims but he can’t hold a thought to save his life. He slacks off in training and gets in the pool and just does it. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just trash talk but Phelps admits to this. And when they interview him for too long you just want to smack him because he is so stupid. Luckily the boy can swim and has fins and flippers of sorts, at least his hands and feet look like fins and flippers. Because he is as dumb as a box of rocks. Then again, as I said, he is lucky he can swim otherwise he would be asking me if I wanted fries with that about now.

Still, when I see the athletes and their families, I know how much hard work it took to get there. It was monetary sacrifices from family as well as a lot of heartache and emotional support. All to get to the pool, track, lake, mat, tennis court, or wherever else.

When I see this I scream, “GO USA!”

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