Friday, August 3, 2012

Root Canal

Just got a root canal. My endodontist was excellent. It was one of those things where I had a bubble on my tooth and a toothache that hurt worse than watching Tori Spelling perform Shakespeare. Okay, nothing could be that bad but it came close. I remember it starting hurting a week ago. A few years previous I had a root canal.

The dentist who had done my root canal had been mentally unstable but skilled. When he had done it, he numbed my mouth but I saw all this blood. It looked like a murder scene in my mollars. I was like, "AHHHH!!!" at one point because he didnt realize my numbing agent was a runnin out. I also opted not to go with the painkiller. While it didnt hurt per se, I had a huge headache for about a week.

This time I got it done by uncle's old partner who's a good doctor. He apparently speaks at conferences worldwide. His nurse recognized me from being on TV with my puppet children. I also had the proof of my book and showed him. My mother was in the office with me. During the entire procedure we were laughing and it barely felt like I was having my teeth drilled.

Until one part I felt a drill in my gums and then remembered-ROOT CANAL.

When I got home I took my pain meds as instructed. They have been sort of weird, leaving me like a paralyzed zombie as I am unable to move but see and hear those around me talking. The side effects are I feel pissed as hell when someone wakes me up. I also get stomach aches and nausea. How the hell do people get hooked.

Then I remember they take the pain away and make me sleep damn good and have pleasant dreams. That's right. No wonder people steal to keep this habit going. Better not take anymore after I am not instructed to do so.

My father had nasal surgery last week. Since then he has been wearing a mustache and sporting Hawaiian shirts. I asked him if this was a new look. He said that it hurt to touch his face, and he hated the Hawiian shirt so much that he didnt care if he got blood on it. This whole week we both have been parked in front of the television, feet propped up, my mother nusing us, and pumped full of pain meds.

In between nodding off and cracking our necks we have been watching the Olympics which has been quite impressive. The last time I watched the Olympics with my family was 1996 and that was a lot of fun. We make fun of the atheletes occasionally, but have tremendous respect for the time, effort, and sacrifice it took to get there.

It all works out. This is my baby sister's last week before she goes back to medical school. She is getting so big. This year she graduates and wants to practice emergency room medicine. It's what she loves and it's good for women who want to have families. As a Virgo she is tied to tradition. But she's a cute kid. She talks about the most disgusting medical procedures with a poker face. I think that makes her awesome alone.

My grandfather celebrates his ninety-fourth birthday tomorrow. We are having a Hawaiian cookout. Should be fun. My mother once called my grandmother asking what it was like the day she was born on her birthday. Of course my grandfather answered the phone and asked, "Who is this?"

My mom asked my grandmother who said, "I have six kids, how am I supposed to remember?"

In between all this madness the Tarzan Marathon is playing. He swings from a vine, is debonaire, but he doesn't have a job or health insurance. I can live with that. Move over Jane, Tarzan is my dream man. Love, April

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