Thursday, August 9, 2012


Joe is a delusional moron who thinks he is still hot
This is what Joe sees when he looks in the mirror

You are on a plate

Because you put women on a platter

Don’t like to be objectified

Whats the matter?

Should you be served hot

No you like that too much

I serve you cold

You still think you have it

At forty two years old

You are stud muffin

On a plate

Served with a side of washed up and underemployed

In 2006 you were the man

It was a catch me if you can

You had the master plan

And any woman you wanted to be unimpressed

In your bed

What was that red head?

The one you wanted so desperately to bed?

Instead you made yourself look like the chauvinistic pig you were

In the public eye

You can run and lie

As much as you try

You only go for trash and the bottom of the barrel

Because you are there too

Maybe you should stick to women who swing from poles

That’s all you know

If you were a golf course

You’d have holes for every ho

That’s your word for these women not mine

Actually they prefer the word trick

Because after being with you they wish they could just make the whole night disappear

You brag about the women you bed

The ones that give you head

Who’s touched your head

Maybe you should be a fiction writer

Or maybe you shouldn’t brag

About preying on the help

Of the club you manage


Years ago you were in Vegas

Now you take me out for discount pizza

Asking me about my finances

Hoping I can be your meal ticket

Hoping to rob me blind

Hoping I will stupidly lay on my back

Praying and preying for the intelligence I supposedly lack in your male mind

Not so lucky Assweed

Perhaps one of the stupid, overweight girls

Who like studmuffin with a side of washed up and underemployed

Will date you

Because they are too dumb to hate you

Because they aren’t angry enough to spit on you

Because you put on a good show

Oh yes you do, Joe

I know this could piss you off

At top speed

But you didn’t graduate from high school

And I doubt that you can read

Maybe you can leer on some barely legal girl

And get your fix quick

Or maybe you can tell the world

About all the women you wish touched your dick.

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