Sunday, August 26, 2012

Peter and the Wolf

The forest is dark

Running from the beast

Will he have a feast

Or will you dodge his teeth

With sweet music?


Wandering deep,

Through the brush and trees

Deep in the pitch black of death dark

Over your knees

Over your head-


The wolf

He wants you dead

Do you fight?

Do you run?

Will it be rope?

Or the gun-


What lies do you tell?

Are they by the roadside

Or in a jail cell?

Your eyes flicker with fear

They always do


The wolf,

As he comes to get you

You cannot lie

You cannot escape your head

No matter how many psych meds


The man may give you

No matter how many hugs

Your kids may give you

No matter how much love

Your mother may give you


What about your ex-wife

You call her a bitch

A supervillan

But you strapped her down and sucked her blood

Feet covered dirty mud


Running from the wolf

She didn’t understand how fast you had to go

Running at top speed the world does not know

That this is the Aztec Ball Court

And you might not live to tell the tale


I tried to save you from the forest

I tried to guide you out of the darkness

I tried to take you to the sun

I declared my love

Believing you were the one


I reached out my hand

But you couldn’t see

You wanted me to come to the woods

As you tried to run away from me

In a bizarre, twisted, contradictory paradox


Lost the creatures taunt you

In the deathly forest

The wolf appears

His teeth so shiny bright

Will you fight?

Will he crunch on your bones and blood?


And have a feast tonight.

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