Monday, August 6, 2012

Ice Cream

My swelling from my root canal is starting to settle. I am not taking my pain pills but I miss them. They put me to sleep and took away the aches. My teeth don’t ache anymore, but I had a puss bubble that formed after the procedure was done and popped it. It was filled with just puss and other dirty matter. My mother yelled at me. It was a bad idea because my gums are still sore. My endo kept telling me the bubble was my friend.
I will be on soft foods for the next few days. Not to mention I have to stop grinding my teeth. Maybe I have to stop being so mad at people. But when people don’t do what they are supposed to go, “GRRRRRR!!!!!”
Today I had iced cream for breakfast. It was chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie chunks. My baby cousins would be envious but it was all I could eat with my teeth being the way they are. I still have to be fitted for a cap on my tooth cause I have a temporary. Still, I got to have iced cream for breakfast, how often does that happen?
Working on marketing plan for my book and painting my nails. I am such a woman.

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