Sunday, August 12, 2012

bad parenting

I was recently coming home from a visit with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. Every year my cousin, a talented painter, is part of the staff art show at Phillips. I got on the train and this mother and her three kids were on there. She was a trash bag to begin with, and her kids looked like they were out of a UN poster because they were all different colors. So I hear a snapping sound and look in her direction. She is letting her kids throw the snappers you give to young children on the Fourth of July on the subway floor. I was amazed, shocked, and utterly horrified. Was this even safe? Was this allowed? She was giving them handfuls and allowing them to do this. Scared for my safety as well as the weapons in the hands of these teeny terrorists, I made my way to a different car. What a bad mother. She thinks just because she sleeps with various men and has kids from every background she can let them do what they want. Seriously, sterilize this bitch.
Then one time, I was riding the subway again, and this kid started screaming. His barely eighteen year old mother and her sleazy boyfriend, probably not the child’s father, didn’t care. The kid went on screaming for twenty minutes. Finally my stop came which made me grateful. If it didn’t come I would have just tossed that little bastard out of the train. Seriously.
Another woman I know taped her kid going through the swearing phase and put it on the internet because she thought it was cute. CUTE! That should embarrass you lady. It shows you don’t know what’s appropriate. You should stop going to church because you and your dysfunctional family don’t have a prayer.
Then there was the time I was crossing the street and had the right away. This black SUV swerves out of no where and tries to run me down. I point to the sign citing this assweed that I had the right away. Then I see a window roll down, and I hear little voices yell, "Bitch, you should have watched where the fuck you were going?" I stood there in disbelief. These kids were no more than five and seven. I told these kids that there dad was a fucking asshole for making them do his dirty work and that they were nothing but white trash. The father than proceeded to flick me off. That just proves my point. Behind every asshole child is an asshole parent pulling the strings. 
The best case of bad parenting I have ever seen was this woman worked as a Dom. Her husband and this woman had an open marriage and brought another dude in. The dom left to go with the other dude and they lived in a basement apartment that double as a dungeon. Dom woman would put the kid in another room to color and watch TV while she was whipping and humiliating male customers. And then she was surprise when her husband called child services and tried to get full parental custody. I mean, we all have to pay rent but keep your whips and chains in a different geographical locale.
This world is going to hell. People who shouldn’t be having children are popping them out. People who want to have children and are more than equipped cannot. My cousin was having a hard time having a baby, and eventually did, but they were trying. I told her to have her hard working husband quit his job, develop a drinking problem therefore acquiring a beer belly, and to start beating her. They would conceive with no problem. Hell, they would probably have twins.
Now I know how felons are created.

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