Monday, July 16, 2012


It’s Monday and I am retaining water. Yuck! I know,too much information. I just like complaining about it. Maybe I shouldn’t have had Chinese food last night. But it tasted so good!
Saturday I was hanging out with a friend and we ended up stopping at the house of another friend of his who he was cat sitting for. They had two cats. Usually there is no problem with one but two made my nose itch and I was sneezing and my eyes were puffing up. I started sneezing just nonstop. Luckily I am not a dwarf. Luckily I don’t live in a nation where furball  is for dinner. Then I would really be screwed.  Now I have a distain for cat people because I believe they are plotting against me.
Cat People 100, April 0.
An ex of mine and his new gal pal have a kitty. My ex-fiance and the married stripper he was living with had a cat. One was a liar, the other was a stalker. Cat people are scary. You are right.
I am submitting Hell No Joe to places and my MP3 is too big. I should have fun dealing with that today. I also need to organize the video shoot. My computer is acting up too.
It’s clearly Monday.
Yesterday was a good day. Gave Libs on the Real aka Libs Segal a ventriloquist lesson which ended with her street performing. Also started a new song with Marcus Yi. I didn’t realize how much I missed my Gay Tiger Mom from Singapore until yesterday.
During the rainstorm I also got an umbrella that was so me that just blew in my direction. I walked home in the rain with this bad boy. Marcus thinks it will be my lucky umbrella. I said it could be like the monkey’s paw.
The way today is going I am leaning towards monkey’s paw.

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