Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bad Day For a Woman Hater

Bad Day For a Woman Hater
Yesterday I was in Park Slope minding my own business. I was walking to meet my sound engineer Jonathan Vergara when guess who I see? Kindred Spirit the player. As usual, he is walking with the swagger of a loser who’s best days are behind him and who’s career is basically over. In his hand he had a cigarette, one step closer to lung cancer. I mean, when I was with him, all he did was smoke cigarettes. The man was a human chimney.
Anyway, as he was lumbering up the hill like a man who was trying to be a G and a playa but at forty-two is a little old for it, he also had his shades on because he was just too cool. Despite the heat he had a long sleeved shirt on which made him look even more retarded. Anyway, I saw him. I stood there like, “Is this Kindred Spirit?”
I didn’t say anything, but it was odd. I mean, it would make sense that he was out and about because it was his neighborhood. Plus he is rather underemployed so what else was he going to do? Kindred Spirit looks over, does a double take because now he sees me. We lock eyes for one awkward moment. Is he going to acknowledge me or am I going to diss him? That’s when he remembers the last time we spoke I told him off and probably would do so again in a very public fashion because he is someone who likes to abuse women, is an idiot, and not to mention can’t spell. In the book of Brucker he is three for three. So he drops his cigarette and bilks it up the hill.
I think I ruined his day which I’m very happy about. Did I mention I looked great? Better than the tattooed trash bags with stretch marks that he normally hangs out with. Anyway, ironically, my new song is about my encounter with Kindred Spirit, the muttonhead who does the following: texts me after two weeks and says, “I have been thinking of you all week.” My dad gave him the benefit of the doubt when he sarcastically said, “Maybe he got his weeks confused.”
Anyway, I also saw how he leads women on via facebook. Not cool.
So that’s when I wrote the song because he just was an idiot who made me mad. So I wrote the song, recorded it, and now here we are. Take a listen and go to soundcloud.
Now that being said, lets make this a hit. This idiot had a bad day when he saw me, let this song be the start of bad days for this moron and those like him.
Special thanks for my dad for encouraging me to write a country song and to Jonathan Vergara for gracing me with his genius

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