Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Superfox's Mail Bag

Dear Mama Foxxx,
I am a college guy. I have a girlfriend who is still friends with her ex. This wouldn't be such a big deal but he posts on her facebook wall every day. We go to different colleges in the same town and last weekend she backed out on a date with me because she said she had to study. Turns out he came to town to visit. The only reason I know this is because my best friend spotted them. When I confronted her she didn't deny it but said she lied because I would freak out. Then she told her friends I had a jealousy problem. I don't know what to do. I really love her and she is really pretty.
Young Buck in Love

Dear Young Buck in Love,
Dump her like a load of dog shit now.
Sounds like Little Miss Trick likes to play games and she is keeping her options open. That is why she is letting this young man post on her facebook wall as often as he does and that is why she is lying through her teeth. And I also think that there are probably other men. If it happens once, you know it happens twice. That is why I would get myself tested pronto, even if you were using a condom. Also, you have every right to be angry. She LIED TO YOU. But congrats young squire, you are learning a hard and fast lesson. Women, just like men, can be duplicious liars. And so what she is pretty? Seems like she likes to play games with people which means deep down she is pretty ugly. Stick with her and not only will the beauty fade but you will be stuck with an old crone. Lastly, you are young and you are in college. There are lots of young women who not only look good but will treat you with dignity and respect and won't play games. That's what you deserve. You should settle for nothing less. xoxoxo Mama Foxxx

Dear Mama Foxxx,
I am currently fourteen years old. My seventeen year old sister announced to the family she is pregnant and she is keeping the baby. Kids at school are calling my sister a slut. We grew up learning to say no to sex. And now look at what she does. I am having a hard time stomaching the shame she is giving our family.
Sister of Seventeen and Pregnant

Dear Sister of Seventeen and Pregnant,
There is nothing good about what your sister is going through. However what is done is done. Right now, more than anything, she needs a friend. And she needs a friend in you. The world is armed and dangerous with their verbal stones ready to pass judgement. You need to start sticking up for your sister and remind these harpies who have something to say that those who live in glass whorehouses should not throw stones. Your religious and spiritual values may not condone having premarital sex nor a child out of wedlock, but the Bible also speaks about aiding those who are down and those who are in need. And your sister is in that posistion. The odds are against her so if you want to help with baby mama stop being a baby and act right. No matter what, the arrival of a child, no matter how adverse the circumstances, should be a joyous occasion. This baby did not ask to be a possible cast member of Teen Mom therefore this is your chance to show everyone what an adult you are by being a good and understanding aunt. Family may not always make us proud. Their decisions, or lack thereof, may not always make us smile. But they are the only people we have in this world and therefore we must back them and stand up for them no matter what the rest of the world says. Love Mama Foxxx

Dear Mama Foxxx,
I am currently dating a guy who has a kid. He is a good dad and I am growing attached to his little boy who spends every weekend with him. However, he hates the kid's mother. They had his son, who is now four, when they were sixteen. To make matters worse the kid's mother wants to meet me to see what kind of person I am. I don't want to meet her. I just keep hearing what a bad mother she is. Why is she being so unfair? Signed, No Thanks Baby Mama

Dear No Thanks Baby Mama,
When your man didn't use a condom at the age of sixteen and popped out a child with this woman, he signed on to deal with her for a lifetime. And being his current squeeze you signed on to this drama bi-proxy. Unfortuately, I am siding with Baby Mama here. She isn't being unfair in wanting to see who her little man is spending time with. Actually, I think she is being a good mother. Being that she has shared custody of the child and doesn't have him on weekends, she knows he is out of her sight but he is not out of her mind. Translated, although she doesnt have anything to do physically with Baby Daddy she wants to make sure you are a quality person who is having a good influence on her child. This means womaning up and meeting her. Translated again: Bathe, don't swear, don't smoke and for the love of God don't show up intoxicated. When she sees you are an okay person she won't have a problem with her child spending time with you. You have to understand that as long as this man and child are going to be a part of your life you have to learn how to get along with this woman. She takes care of the kid during the week, she is the boss. He only gets the kid on the weekends. Not to mention the child did not ask for parents who are no longer together. Therefore the best solution is to learn to get along with this woman no matter what. Although this is not a family who is together, you can all learn how to act right towards each other for the benefit of this little boy who you all love and care for. Lastly, when your man bad mouth's his ex just remmeber, they met when they were sixteen and unlike all high school romances that just end with the two people looking back and rolling their eyes, they are stuck with a kid and therefore although they now differ as people they have to deal with each other. He picked her to have a kid with. He was complicit too. That being said when he bad mouths her be a part of the solution and say, "I'm sorry, I am not comfortable bad mouthing someone I don't know." And mention the little boy seems healthy and well cared for. If this seems hard to swallow remember this isn't just about you, you like this little boy. Remember his welfare. xoxoxo Mama Foxx

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