Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ms. Wannabe Strikes Again

I have had a hateraide filled last twenty four hours. A girl known as Ms. Wannabe has struck again. Lets just say the foul bitch has stepped over the line. I don't want to get into detail about what happened because why? I know it was pointed at me. I mean, the whore made a video where she had a character that had the name April getting her head beaten in. Not to mention since I have been binge video making she is starting the same shit. I know, scary right? Part of me is scared and knows I have to watch my back against her.

I don't know what is more foul. The fact this cunt face has ripped down the posters at the club I perform at. The fact she would put up a video when I did. The fact she spread rumors that I was drinking again and stalking her which wasn't true, and then had the nerve to corner me at a painfully terrible pAArty to pick my brain about my ex as she bragged about her drug use. (For the record, I am not a stalker. That involves focus.) Then she had the nerve to say that I was bad mouthing her boyfriend. Meanwhile the bitch is ripping off my wardrobe. Not to mention whenever I put out a video she feels the need to put out one. Oh and she and my ex's psycho mama were talking shit about me on a very public site. Now she is copying my binge video making and made a video where a girl named April was getting her head beaten in, oh and it was filmed in my ex's room. And on top of that she is talking about writing a book. And the whore got on a TV show that I was on and talked about all this money I got which was a LIE!

I would be a fool to ignore this. She clearly wants to be me and it is scary. I have done nothing to this woman except once upon a time I dated her asshole boyfriend. Whateveski.

Yesterday I was pissed with her. So pissed I almost sent my followers after the cow. Yes, I have eight times as many followers as that cow. Oh and her latest is that she is trying to work out. Did I mention she is weight training and kickboxing, two activities I like? Yes, that cow has just jumped over the moon and landed on my bad side. Yesterday I was stewing like hell and wanted to send some friends to beat her ass too. She doesn't know who I know. She messed with the wrong person. Plus bitch is such a poser. She brags about being caught for shoplifting. You were caught you dumb ho. Plus the one who is caught and brags usually was the dumb fall kid who was made to hold the stuff. My friend Chacho filled me in on that crap when she started her shade. Not to mention she claims she is poor when both her parents are well educated and her aunt is a millionaire.


Being stalked in this way is emotionally damaging, especially since I have done nothing to this woman except once upon a time I dated the loser she now spreads her legs for. I don't want him, she can have him. But for some reason she has it out for me. My mother says he still pines for me. Let him. Since ending it with his ass I have dated celebrities and have been on television countless times. I would never be seen with someone that ugly in public.

After talking it out with friends I have decided not to even print this woman's name or to assail her in public any longer. I am already farther than she will ever be. Acknowledging her would be letting her get what she wants, to sniff my underwear. Not to mention that it would be feeding into her sickness. There is a part of me that is afraid because she is so obsessed with being April Brucker.

But then there is a part of me that takes pity on her. While I call her names it is because she is a bully. Her behavior is that of a sick child. She wants the attention and she wants to fight with her boyfriend's old girlfriend. If they all died and went to hell I wouldn't care, but she is obsessed with my every move. I mean, before this whole thing I was friends with her. We laughed and joked and hit it off. She was funny, talented, and had the singing voice of an angel. Better than what I have for sure. Yet for some reason she sees being obsessed with me as her route to happiness.

For as hard as it is for me, I have to look away. I have really torked up my privacy settings so she can't see my stuff and I can't see hers. Unfortunately, someone like that makes you feed off their drama and then in turn you become obsessed with what they are doing-hence this entire blog. I guess for as much as she is angering me, it is a wake up call that comes with a growing career and fan base. For the ten people that love you twenty hate you. And she is one of the twenty that does.

I remember when he was alive I was telling my friend Joe about her shade. He stopped me and said, "Tune her out, April."

That whole circle of people that she is associated with is uber toxic. Since things have started happening for me they have either tried to rain on my parade or have slandered me in public. To me jealousy is a shame. It is time wasting and all consuming. It gets me no where. Having been on the other side of it I can tell you it is ugly and disgusting. But then again, these people are ugly and disgusting.

I don't wish any ill upon this woman. There is a part of me that hopes her cat gets rabies and claws her fucking eyes out while she sleeps. But then there is a part of me that feels deep sorrow that she doesn't feel that she is enough, and that feels she has to be someone else in order to appease her boyfriend. In that part that feels sorry for her, I know there is a deep pain in her heart because she feels the need to stay in a relationship that is clearly unhealthy and where she is deeply troubled and unhappy. Someone who changes their appearance to look like someone else, takes on an identity that is not their own and abuses drugs is someone who is struggling deeply. They are someone who is profoundly troubled. I can only pray God protects others from her but most importantly her from herself.

I have given this woman too much attention already and cannot feed into her. But someone melting down so quickly is just painful to watch. Especially in a lot of ways because I feel so responsible. People tell me these things are going to happen. I have what they call followers. I am starting to have what they call a career.

There is a part of me that is worried she will beat me at my own game by trying to be April Brucker. But she can't and won't. Being someone else is hard work. Changing your whole personality is hard work. This will probably be her first and last big TV appearance too. I mean, it is the best a glorified extra will ever do. I only wish her the best and much success. I just want her to stop stalking me and trying to be me. Not only is it spooky and scary, it is heart breaking because I knew her before this and I know she is better than that. And to do this over a guy? One who is not all that good looking. It isn't just pathetic, it is beyond the pale.

But now I have to tune her out. I need to focus on my growing fan base. The fact my TV shows are on netflix. The fact I am one of my bosses top workers. The fact I have a growing family of puppet children. The fact that Lauryn Hill's former sound engineer is reading my audio book. The fact I am April Brucker and never have nor never will feel the need to be anyone else.

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