Sunday, February 3, 2013


Last night I got into Providence. Backstory, it is a pleasure cruise mixed with business. While it is an excuse to see my sister, I am also working on a project for PACE (Providence Alliance for Clinical Educators) using my puppets. It is discharge instructions for children from hospitals post fever. When I buzzed into town my sister had organized a mini get together with her friends. It was an excuse to see Skipper, meet her new boyfriend and see her friends whom have grown up so much in front of me.

We had food, I read everyone's astro charts, and there was lots of laughter. Then we went dancing. It was a hipster place that Skipper had heard lots of good things about and had been to once or twice. She warned me that the place was dark and the music was loud.

We danced for a bit-well not really cause they were hipsters-to the electro upstairs and then made our way downstairs to the hip hop. For the most part these were dorky kids, Brown and RISD kids. I didnt mind. The DJ looked like he crawled out of Alphabet City somewhere which was fun. I ended up talking to a guy named Bristol who was kinda drunk. Then I macked on a dude in a suit who was there with a girl and shot me down. I am usually shy when it comes to guys and am perpetually single. My sister Skipper always has a boyfriend and was trying to play matchmaker for the night. With my puppets away, it was just me, the music, and the throng of hipster men.

Skipper pointed out that there was a guy behind me who wanted to dance. So I asked him to dance and we started dancing. At first it was innocent and then he seriously began grinding on me. While it was awkward and uncomfortable, maybe he didnt get much female action just like I dont get much male action. Then the started touching my belt loops and trying to put his hands in my pockets. Weird but okay. The song was almost over.

Thats when he tried to kiss me. This was moving much, much too fast especially since I couldn't see his face in such a dark room. A few minutes later, his mouth made it's way to my shoulder and HE BIT ME!

I couldn't believe it. He gave me a little love bite. I said it, the spooky boy bit me. He was Damien the Devil Boy from South Park or the stepson of Dracula, either way I didnt know. He had seemed sort of pale but it all made sense.

I had remembered a conversation with my Skipper's friends at dinner about how in your early twenties you thrived on drama, but around the time you were twenty five you were over it. I would have been twisted enough to make this man a boyfriend at some time in my life. Risk all for a fool who probably was on psych meds he didn't take. Or fall in love with someone who bit me. But common sense and instinct kicked in. I shoved him and ran.

My sister Skipper and her boyfriend promptly ran after me and asked what happened. "I got bitten." I replied.

I showed the future ER doctor the place I was bitten and Skipper told me not to worry. I am glad she is not going into match making and sticking with medicine instead.

But as I explained I was bitten she kept laughing.

Now that I think of it today it is sort of hot he bit me. Maybe I havent grown up as much as I thought

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  1. very funny ..great post..your adventures are awesome.