Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pictures of You (The Cure)

"Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Mae West
The men of the world have made me as bitter and angry as I am. Now to make a self-indulgent youtube video
It's Norma Jean to you
Move over Lana Turner, the Postman just struck again
Yes I am your Hershey Kiss, here to give you a kiss. Smooch, smooch!
Two girls against the world
My name is Cake Boss
My puppet children and their Mama, exhausted after a loooonnnnggggg day!
Broadway here I come!
Trying to get a suntan under the hot lights and heat in my apartment. 
Playboy style. Or am I a Play Boi.....xoxoxo
My mom calls me a road warrior. I call myself a cow girl. Or should we make that cow boi. It depends on how I feel on that day at that hour. 
Getting ready for a show. Making gaffaws and breaking hearts at the same time. 
Sometimes I just need to lay down and try to seduce the invisible man, cause he is the only man who never let Mama Foxxx down. 
Me in the park. It's one of my favorite photos of me

Ron Barba, May Wilson and Mick DiFlo after filming of King of the List. They stopped men from groping me and May. May Wilson was no happy about them chaperoning.

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